Your Twitter Community is Not Built in a Day – How to Build your Twitter Community

With over 250,000 active users, Twitter is the world’s second most popular Social Media platform. Twitter is also in the ‘Top 10 Most Visited Websites’ and a typical day see’s around 500 million Tweets sent. Because Twitter is a Microblogging site, it is a great platform to deliver content in bite sized format as customer attention spans are limited.

How to Build your Twitter CommunityFrom a marketing perspective, Twitter is an ideal platform to build your brand awareness through networking and utilising as a customer service tool. Twitter should be employed to build your brand awareness through engagement on a human level and deliver content that creates conversations.

If you are in the B2B business Twitter is a fantastic platform to network with prospective clients. It’s an ideal platform to showcase your expertise and help to educate prospective clients.

In comparison to other Social Media platforms, Twitter takes time and patience to build a community. In other words Twitter is much more of a ‘hunting’ tool and will require a clear strategy to deliver a marketable community.

Here are some tips to build your Twitter Community:

  1. Follow people or businesses that are relevant to you. In the search box type in the town, city, type of business etc. Target the businesses which in the long-term deliver more value.
  2. Use #Hashtags to be visible and to network. Use Hashtags that are networking related and join in on conversations.
  3. Click on #Hashtags that you use to see what businesses or people are using them. Follow the ones that are relevant to you.
  4. Don’t constantly promote, use Twitter to personalise your brand and create conversations.
  5. Publish your content and encourage sharing. Make sure to use Hashtags and publish content during networking.
  6. Use Social Media tools to track mentions and follow conversations
  7. Create list of people of interest and follow conversations, network and publish content
  8. Follow people from your followers communities
  9. Etiquette – Always follow back and write a thank you note to your new follower. Remember aswell if someone Re-tweets you, return the favour!
  10. Use Brand Ambassadors on Twitter. Use guest bloggers and influencers to spread your brand message.
  11. Promote Twitter Channel across all Social Media Platforms e.g. on Facebook.

One final piece of advice is to be consistent on Twitter. There is very little point putting all that effort acquiring followers and then being inconsistent with your Tweets. Your followers want to hear and engage with you. Give them the content to consume and give them the opportunity to voice their opinions. Finally, Be Patient and Be Persistent! Rome might have taken decades to build but your Twitter community should take far less time.

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