WordPress as a framework for your New Website Design. Here’s why! (Part 2)

In my previous post I have provided some basic statistics reports that show how well WordPress is performing in today’s website design world. Today I’m going to start featuring some more technical aspects and solutions of this Content Management System, functions and features that make working on web design a pleasure, and from the end user point of view (yes I mean you) – creating new posts / pages as easy as ‘ride in the park’.

Building Your Digital Strategy

Getting your new website designed is only one of the steps to strengthen your brand or establish your online connection with future partners and clients. One of the most important steps in keeping your website interesting is updating it with the latest news related to your business. This will not only bring more value for visitors but also will make your website feel ‘alive’.

Establishing a strong and evolving relationship with website visitors should be a major aspect of any Digital Marketing strategy.

From my point of view, and I believe you feel similar way, it’s not very inviting when I visit some website one day, find it interesting (or buy something I needed), come back after a while to see what’s going on in there now, just to find out it looks exactly the same last time I checked. That makes me wonder ‘do they even still exist’?

You have a new awesome product, tell your visitors about it! Something has changed within the company, let them know! You have moved your premises or grew bigger, make a post about it! Spice it all up a bit by adding some related images or graphics to catch an eye!

“Yea… easy to say… but I have no idea about web designing!” – did I just heard you thinking that? No, I’m not a psychic! That’s a perfectly normal reaction to something that ‘looks too hard to handle by myself’. Guess what… it’s not! Keep reading to find out how simple the process can be when using such an user friendly CMS as WordPress is!

WordPress is extremely easy to use

Most of the other web design frameworks out there are not as flexible and accessible for use as WordPress. Keeping a website updated with new content in those requires extensive coding knowledge and is better to be left in the right hands – and that brings more costs to you!

That’s not the case with WordPress. Once a web development company finishes their work on the new build based on WordPress, you can be more than confident that you’re in charge now and that from now on all you need is a short bit of time once a while to bring some life to your website.

That’s right! Creating new posts, editing and updating existing content requires no coding experience or expert knowledge. If you have ever used Microsoft Word or any other similar software, then the interface in WordPress will feel very familiar to you. Thanks to its WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor you can practically see how your new post will appear in front-end before you publish it.

WYSIWYG editor at your service

Some default features of WYSIWYG editor that will make your work easy include:

  • style your content as you like: bold, italic, underlined, coloured, left aligned, centred, right aligned etc.
  • use available headings to separate important parts of your post
  • use blockquotes to deliver
    your valuable messages to visitor

  • easily add bullet point lists like this one to your content
  • interlink your posts so the viewer can find related information in your other posts or link to some external content if you wish so
  • enrich your post using drag-and-drop media uploader that lets you effortlessly insert images, videos, audio and documents into your post content, and access a media browser which helps you store & organise your files easily.

Flexibility & Security at the reach of your mouse pointer

Easy to use editor makes it only a good beginning of this CMS features list. The more you’ll get familiar with WordPress the more awesome features you will notice:

  • WordPress automatically saves your work as you are typing it, so you wont lose anything in case of power outage or if your computer crashes for whatever reason
  • if at some stage you will change your mind and decide that “hmm… the stuff I wrote yesterday was better than this!” – no problem, WordPress allows you to restore previous versions of your work with just a single click of your mouse
  • you can write a post or several posts in advance and then schedule them to be automatically published on the day and time you want
  • at your disposal are several levels of password protection for your website & content – you can protect specific posts or even parts of content, to be only visible and accessible by logged in visitors for example
  • you can split your single post making it multi-paged for easier reading
  • WordPress automatically organises your posts by year, month, day and author & you can easily add custom archiving system by categorising your posts and tagging them, allowing visitors to always easily find what they are looking for.

To summarise this part of my WordPress related posts series – if you want to cut on the cost and don’t want to be tied up to a developer with every little change you want to make, thanks to all those easy to handle features – WordPress is the way to go! Thanks to the way that Content Management System works you can create unlimited number of posts and pages, all by yourself; and since content is not connected in any way to the design you can be sure you won’t be able to break anything on the way!

Some highlights for my next post

A website build on this effective and adaptable web platform can be as big as you want it to be, from a simple brochure website design to a large website with a number of advanced features including online shopping. The website with WordPress as a framework can easily grow and adapt as your business evolves.

As part of your Digital Marketing strategy, no matter if you’re one of ‘big guys’ in business, a starting company, small shop with interesting products in offer or a photographer with passion and rich portfolio of your work – you do want a website that will generate traffic and leads, that will have an SEO friendly structure (after all you want to be found!) and preferably will be easy to connect with all those various Social Media available around.

How WordPress finds itself there? Can it satisfy the high expectations you shall have regarding the outcomes? Will you be found on Google!?! Stay tuned and you will find out soon enough!

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