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Unique Irish Gifts

A beautiful site for beautiful gifts

The background

Unique Irish Gifts is a new enterprise by a well-established businessman in Carlow with an impressive record of creating and supplying bespoke framed goods and gift items.

He noticed great interest from the USA, the UK, and other ex-pat communities in items to do with the centenary commemorations of the 1916 Easter Rising. He was already producing beautiful 1916 souvenirs, in the form of replicas of medals that were presented after the Rising, and he engaged us to build a website aimed at selling these medals to the overseas markets.

He also wanted scope to add in future products too, as they are developed or tailored for this marketplace.

What we did

As with all our new website designs, we first performed extensive keyword research in consultation with our client, to determine the size of the potential market and whether or not the project was feasible.

We reviewed several other websites that sell Irish items to overseas markets, mindful of how our design would have to be even more attractive and user-friendly, due to the limited initial range of offerings. We then drew up an outline for the site, which our Unique Irish Gifts liked, so we got to work.

The website design and build

We sourced several attractive photos of typical Irish scenes for use throughout the site, alongside and in conjunction with images of the products for sale themselves.

We wrote attractive yet concise content containing several calls to action, to encourage users to ‘shop now’, and our designer gave the site an unmistakably Irish feel without crossing over the line into the ‘gawkish’ territory that can sometimes affect Irish offerings for the USA in particular.

We integrated full e-commerce functionality, and as this was a brand new enterprise, we were responsible for designing a celtic-themed ‘Unique Irish Gifts’ logo too.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

Simply visit Unique Irish Gifts website to see results of our work.

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