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shanarc archaeology website design

The background

Our latest website design Kilkenny project is for Shanarc Archaeology, based in Kilkenny, Shararc are one of Ireland’s leading providers of archaeological services for both construction and heritage purposes.

They had an existing website, which was quite basic. It did not properly portray either the full scope of the services they provide, nor their expertise in each of those areas. They came to us to ask for a new and improved site. We were glad to oblige.

What we did

As always, we first audited their existing site, and studied websites of competitor archaeological companies too. We also performed keyword market research to establish the key search terms in the field.

There was a number of interesting findings, including that in general, neither the existing website nor competitor sites had any great level of detail on these terms. We therefore determined that these key search terms would be the foundation of the new site.

We then formulated a plan for website hierarchical structure and content, and okayed this with the client. Our senior copywriter then got to work, using guidance from the client and additional research to create SEO optimised text content.

Once we also okayed this with the client, our designer got to work.

The website design and build

Our senior designer decided on a more ‘clean’ and ‘lean’ website design than used by most other archaeological companies. This is because many of other sites are particularly dense with text, which can be off-putting for the user.

We were conscious that many people seeking archaeological services require them for reasons to do with construction projects, rather than historical research. We therefore wanted the site to be as accessible as possible to all, and not just to academics.

Our design has a services menu and contact form in easy reach at all times, to maximise user engagement. We also gave the new site our customary SEO attention at the back end, and we submitted for Google indexing.

The new site immediately ranked on Page 1 for several key terms – and was soon moving up Page 1 too. Another successful outcome!

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can see the results of our work at

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