Website Design – Reduce Fuel Bills

website design reduce fuel bills

The background is an e-commerce website to sell the innovative Eco C-T and Eco C units for petrol and diesel engines. Both are simple to use in any vehicle. They typically deliver fuel savings of up to 15%, and toxic emissions reductions of approximately 85%. Their benefits are therefore obvious.

This project was at the request of an existing client, Jim Costello, for whom we had already delivered Complete Vehicle Solutions. 

Jim was happy with how that site was performing, so he knew he could count on us again. We didn’t let him down.

What we did

This project was a little tricky from a content point of view, in that the benefits that the units deliver seem just too be good to be true. The internet is awash with other questionable products that promise significant fuel savings too, so our task was to convince people of the merits of these ones.

Our copywriter/content creator therefore highlighted testing by a major German certification company. We also highlighted user reports from Europe of the savings others have enjoyed.

In terms of emissions reductions, we highlighted actual NCT results. These showed how cars went from failing the test to passing it, after simply introducing one of these units.

This part of our design process involved extensive consultation with the client. This was to ensure we made no false promises, and that the client could stand over everything the website said. Once content was okayed, we then moved on to the build itself.

The website design and build

The website design itself saw our senior designer choose a bold and compelling style. It uses ‘straight to the point’ headlines and forceful bullet points, along with impressive graphics. Many other websites for such devices falter by being far too text-heavy and technical, but our ‘less is more’ approach is much more effective.

Our designer also highlighted how the units have been officially tested and approved. He prominently displayed the ‘TUV Rheinland’ certification logo, alongside the logo for the CE certification the units have also obtained. This was to further instil confidence in prospective customers.

We added e-commerce functionality through integration with the Stripe secure payment system, along with an SSL certificate. Finally, we began to perform SEO measures, to have the site rank highly in this competitive marketplace.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can view the finished website at

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