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Pillar Healthcare Clinical Trial

Helping couples to conceive

The Background

Pillar Healthcare Clinical TrialPillar Healthcare, based in Co Wexford developers and manufacturers of the ground-breaking and all-natural fertility nutrition supplement, pre-Conceive – were already satisfied clients of New World Digital as we had built them an e-commerce site to showcase their product and its benefits, and allow it to be ordered online.

As part of ongoing research and development, Pillar Healthcare received approval and funding for a major international clinical study into the benefits of pre-Conceive, and how it improves key fertility levels in both women and men.

They wanted a dedicated site to announce the trial and to seek volunteers to take part, and they came to use again. We were delighted to oblige.

What we did

Through negotiation with the client, we first established the scope of the planned study itself, and determined the exact specifics of what the website would have to achieve.

It was immediately obvious that content would be even more crucial than normal to this build.

We faced a dual challenge: firstly, to inform people who may not have previously heard of pre-Conceive about what it is and how it works, and secondly, to encourage people to participate in the trial, despite how that would involve sharing what would normally be seen as highly personal information.

We achieved this through further detailed discussion with the client. Several drafts of content were carefully reviewed and amended until we arrived at the perfect combination of scientific and clinical information on one hand, to portray the standing and professionalism of Pillar Healthcare, but ‘human’ language on the other hand, to speak in more everyday terms to couples experiencing the emotional turmoil of having difficulty in having a baby.

A key element to this was assuring couples who might volunteer that all evidence to date suggested they would have a better chance of conceiving if they used pre-Conceive regularly, but at the same time, not making false promises or raising their hopes unrealistically high.

The attention that the content required for this project shows the benefit of New World Digital having our own specialist and vastly experienced content writer – a service that many other digital marketing and website design agencies do not offer.

The website design and build

The website was styled to match the main Pillar Healthcare website, with some modifications to allow for how added functionality required would slow down loading speed if all styling points were replicated.

The content is laid out in a logical and easy-to-follow manner, with several call-to-action buttons, and obvious detailing of all the benefits a couple would stand to receive if accepted for the trial.

Particular emphasis had to be placed on the application form. The trial is for couples, so this form was split into two columns (one for male, one for female). These columns are styled using colours based on the Pillar Healthcare branding. Parts of the form seeking details in respect to answering yes to certain questions are only show when appropriate. A file upload facility is also provided for participants to upload test results and other documentation.

All the information is stored in a database and is accessible with private log-in by authorised clinical trial staff at Pillar Health. These private pages are styled and presented in a similar manner to the main trial application form and all data can also be exported to spreadsheet.

Overall, the site meets all its aims, and it was launched to coincide with the international launch of the clinical trial itself. A digital marketing campaign was then also launched to bring it to the attention of people in all eligible countries.

Summary – Digital Marketing services provided

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