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The background

We had already built two successful websites for regular client, Tom McDermott-Walshe – Fine Framers and Fabric Light Box – and so it was only natural that he returned to us to also have a website designed and built for his latest venture, Personalised Gifts for You.

Tom had identified the massive market for personalised gifts in both Ireland and the UK as promising area in which to offer a huge range of items, beginning with photo frames and with other gift ideas to be added later. He requested an attractive website design to showcase almost 100 customisable photo frames that were already part of his range, and to offer a process for shoppers to also enter their own text for a truly unique personalised gift for a loved one. He also asked for full e-commerce functionality, to allow orders be taken and processed through the website.

What we did

We worked with Tom to identify the size of the online marketplace for such personalised gifts, and decided upon an SEO strategy for both the Irish and UK markets.

We guided him with regard to the level of imagery that would be necessary to properly showcase each individual photo frame, bearing in mind that it would be nigh on impossible to actually show all possible combinations of frame and inlay combinations for each one (there are a massive 96 different possibilities for each frame!)

We agreed upon the level of text content to describe each photo frame and identify the gift-giving situations it would suit, and we also gathered general information for both the ‘About Us’ and ‘Blog’ sections.

The website design and build

Our copywriter went to work on producing the almost 100 individual product descriptions and other text content for the new site, while our logo designer worked with Tom on producing a corporate logo for the new brand and our website design and development team put the structure in place for the website.

The gift items on offer were categorised under twelve different headings in the online shop, and all product images and descriptions were uploaded appropriately while dual currency (Sterling and Euro) e-commerce functionality was put in place and thoroughly tested.

A suitably pleasing colour scheme and overall ‘feel’ for the website, combining script, serif, and sans serif fonts, was agreed upon. Key marketing messages (Free Shipping – Quick Delivery Times – Great Customer Service) were placed prominently on the home page.

Once our client was happy with the overall design of the website and its functionality was thoroughly tested, we put it ‘live’ and began to implement our SEO strategy.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

  • Responsive website design
  • Logo Design
  • Copywriting
  • E-commerce Functionality Integration
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Optimisation for the UK (UK SEO)
  • Content Management System

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