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The background

Our latest website design Kilkenny was one of three new websites we were commissioned to design and build for a client whose premises is in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny.

Kavanagh Engineering  is a long-established firm with expertise in all aspects of electrical engineering. It has also branched out over the years into fields such as shop and cinema fit-outs, property maintenance, photovoltaic solar panels, and retail theft prevention. Our brief was to produce a compact yet informative brochure website to showcase all the company’s operations.

We eagerly got to work.

What we did

We learned all about Kavanagh Engineering through a series of meetings with the owner and managing director, and resolved to determine the best way to meet the brief we were given.

With company operations being so wide-ranging, the biggest challenge we faced was presenting a relatively large amount of information in a relatively small space. We overcame this by agreeing a number of headings and keywords to focus upon. Our senior copywriter then spoke further with Kavanagh Engineering, before producing draft text content and having it approved by the client. From there, we moved on to the build.

The website design and build

Our designer’s view was that a sleek and minimalist style was called for here. He adopted a colour scheme to complement the client’s existing logo, and devised an icon-driven interface for home page funnels to lead to further details of all the client’s operations. Colour highlights were used for strategic sections of internal pages content, and a floating bar was used to ensure that the top-level menu and contact details remained visible at all times.

At the back end of the site, full SEO measures were implemented at all stages. This included several steps that are standard to all our website builds, such as site map creation, meta tag and URL optimisation, and webmaster verification.

Our client agreed that the new site was a massive improvement on an older one that didn’t properly portray the company, and so we look forward to our design delivering better results.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

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