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Kangen Water Nordic Website Design

The background

Kangen Water is a form of alkaline ionized water whose health and vitality properties have been recognised internationally for decades. Its popularity has grown immensely in recent years, aided by many celebrity endorsements. Consumers can produce Kangen Water at home with Kangen Water Machines – and we built a website for the largest network distributors of machines in Denmark.

What we did

The fact that Kangen Water Machines have been around for so long was both a positive and negative for us here.

On the plus side, there was a wealth of information about the machines, the benefits of the Kangen Water they produce, and research to back up those claims.

On the other hand, there was also a huge number of other sites for independent distributors. This meant this was a very competitive marketplace.

This meant our task was two-fold:

  1. To convince people who may be dubious about the benefits of Kangen Water that it really is as good as it claims to be.
  2. To convince people who wanted a machine to buy from our client, rather than any other distributor.

We therefore needed a really stand-out website design. We also needed content good enough to make people hit our ‘Book a Demo’ button, rather than going anywhere else.

The website design and build

First, our senior copywriter got to work on creating that content. He took the best of all that material out there, condensed and re-wrote it for SEO purposes, and tailored it according to a menu structure which we carefully planned.

Our senior designer then got to work. He followed client instructions regarding a clean and crisp lay-out, with plentiful ‘Call to Action’ buttons.

He was mindful too of how many other distributors have templated sites. These sites are all identical apart from their contact details. He therefore strove for much better visual impact and functionality, to make our site stand out from the rest.

He achieved this through sourcing and cleverly using high-impact images, and using a completely different colour scheme and lay-out. The result is a website design that almost screams health and vitality from every page.

We then performed initial SEO work throughout the site, to get it ranked in Google. We will be continuing to perform SEO work going forward, through one of our bespoke SEO packages.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can view the finished website at

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