Website Design for ATECEA

“The staff in New World Digital listen to what the customers requirements are and in my case have delivered a website that surpasses more than my expectations were”

Noel Maher, Managing Director, ATECEA


Motoring Forward

The background

ATECEA is a firm of expert technical automotive engineering and assessing consultants based in Tallaght in Dublin, offering a nationwide service utilising their decades of experience in the automotive and insurance industry. Founder and Managing Director, Noel Maher, asked us to build a website to showcase the firm’s full range of expertise and services.

What we did

We knew that as a new company, the website design for ATECEA would serve as an important touchstone and point of contact for new business referrals and those searching online for the services ATECEA provides. We knew too that as accreditations and qualifications are an essential element of trust-building within the insurance and automotive industry, it was vital that these be showcased prominently on the website in a professional manner. We consulted extensively with Noel on these points until we were satisfied we had the required material to build him the website he desired.

The website design and build

As the client operated in a highly professional and corporate industry, we knew that a professional B2B website design would be essential in showing ATECEA’s services to prospective partners in a very competitive market. We therefore implemented a website design that visually represents the ideals and core competencies of ATECEA, to ensure that potential strategic business partners would be confident in engaging their services.

We liaised closely with Noel at each step of the way to ensure he was satisfied with progress, and ultimately delivered a website design that met and even exceeded all his expectations.

Summary – Digital Marketing services provided

  • Responsive website design
  • Logo design
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Website maintenance and support

You can see our finished website design at ATECEA

What Noel Maher, Managing Director of ATECEA thought

There were several factors we considered when searching for a web design company to build the website for our new automotive engineering and assessment consultancy. We were blown away by New World Digital’s professional and dedicated approach. Our industry is highly regulated and having the right brand and corporate image is essential when dealing with some of the largest insurance companies in the world.

Abbott were highly personable and always communicated very clearly, taking on board our major concerns and expectations for how the new site must be and designing a highly professional website with an easy to use system for updating all of our own material. Barry also designed an excellent logo based around our specifications and brand identity.

With the competitive nature of our industry and the need for our company to stand out from the crowd as an industry leader we wanted a high-end website that was exactly to our specifications. The final result has been truly outstanding, as a new company launching we couldn’t have asked for a better website as a platform for our business and to introduce ourselves to clients. In fact I’d go so far as to say we have the best website in our industry, Abbott certainly delivered their end of the bargain and have given us a great head-start and boost towards where we want our company to be.

The staff in Abbott consulting listen to what the customers requirements are and in my case have delivered a website that surpasses more than my expectations were.

Noel Maher ATECEA 18/02/2015

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