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website design five star cleaning

The background

Five Star Cleaning in Carlow is a successful company which mainly serves the grain storage and processing sectors.

They specialise in silo cleaning and maintenance, flour silo cleaning, but also offer a number of other services. These include industrial cleaningfactory cleaning, confined space cleaning, out of reach cleaning, pressure cleaning, food plant sanitation, and more.

An existing website had become outdated in terms of both appearance and content. The company decided it was time for a fresh new look, and more up-to-date content. They called us in, and we eagerly got to work.

What we did

The first step was meeting with the client to establish what exactly they wanted from their new website design Carlow.

We also performed market research, to determine the extent of the Irish marketplace for such services, and formulate a plan for how the client could increase their share of it.

Our senior copywriter then met with the client, to discuss content for the new-look site. He re-wrote some existing content to optimise for SEO, and crafted new content in other areas. This too was keyword optimised.

The client supplied a number of good quality and high resolution pictures for the new site. We made our choice and edited them to suit.

We now had all content in place, so we were good to go.

The website design and build

The actual website design and build was quite straightforward here, as the client had given us a clear vision of what they wanted. Our senior designer efficiently and expertly delivered this, with all his usual attention to detail.

Key points of the design include a lean top-level menu, strategic call-to-action buttons, and prominent displays of prestigious client logos. These include such household names as Glanbia, Diageo, Odlums, and Heineken.

We performed full SEO measures behind the scenes. Finally, we added fresh news items to the site, to bring it completely up to date.

Our client was delighted with the result of our work.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can see the results of our work at

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