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The background

Filippi boats are the boats of choice for top-class competitive rowers worldwide, including Irish Olympic silver medallists, Gary and Paul O’Donovan. They are also in widespread use in rowing clubs, both in Ireland and internationally.

We approached by the sole Irish agent for Fillipi boats (based in Carlow) because an existing website was not generating a satisfactory number of leads and inquiries for such sought-after products.

The client asked for a complete re-design and re-build, and that’s exactly what we did.

What we did

The specialised nature of the subject meant we could forego our usual diligent market research, and instead rely upon the expert knowledge of the client.

He provided us with detailed information about the target market and his vision for the site. Meanwhile, we identified several back-end problems with the existing site, which pinpointed the reasons why it was not performing as the client would have liked.

We then combined the client’s rowing knowledge with our Website Design and SEO expertise to produce a new site that began performing better from day one after its launch.

The Website Design and build

We first implemented a framework according to the client’s vision, and we then populated it with all relevant details of the various Filippi craft and rowing accessories on offer.

We placed enquiry forms and other calls to action strategically throughout  the site, to maximise the possibility of lead generation through online enquiries. We then performed sufficient SEO measures to have the site immediately ranked at number one in the Google search engine results pages for key terms such as ‘Filippi boats Ireland’, and on page one for broader terms such as ‘racing boats Ireland’ and ‘rowing boats Ireland’.

Within a month, the site was generating an average of five leads per week for the client. The client also enjoyed a high conversion rate from those leads – leaving him absolutely delighted with our work!

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can view the finished website at

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