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English Language Ireland

The background

English Language Ireland is an English language school in Carlow, delivering lessons to students from across the world.

English Language Ireland prides itself on its location and activities as well as its high standard of tuition. However, an existing website was not properly portraying these aspects of the school. Other issues were that it was complex to navigate, and did not rank highly for key search terms. They called us in to help.

What we did

We first spoke with the client to learn all about the business and its USPs. We then conducted extensive online market research, and identified the key areas and size of the potential market.

At a further meeting with the clients, we advised English Language Ireland of our findings. Together, we devised a digital marketing and content marketing strategy, and we then got to work on content.

Our copywriter created SEO-optimised text regarding general aspects of the school. He also compiled details of all courses offered in a consistent manner, so website users could easily compare one with another before deciding what was best for them.

Once all content was agreed, our design and development team got to work.

The website design and build

Key to this build was coming up with a more user-friendly website design, where everything could be found easily.

Our designer achieved this with a clever combination of text and graphic menus. He also used sidebar menus on several internal pages, to allow continuous easy navigation.

He presented details of all courses in a easy-to-read table form on their respective pages. The site also features strategic use of attractive images.

At the back end, we carried out extensive SEO work. The result was that immediately upon going live, the new site ranked on Page 1 of Google for search terms including:

  • English classes in Ireland
  • Learn English in Ireland
  • English schools in Ireland

All in all, another successful build!

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can see the results of our work at English Language Ireland