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A great start for a start-up

The background

Complete Vehicle Solutions is a new and unique initiative in meeting commercial transport needs in Ireland. They not only supply vans of all times, but they kit them as required for use by their clients too – whether refrigeration, shelving, or even a combination of both is needed.

This removes the need for a tradesman, courier, or company to deal with two or more operators when they are upgrading a vehicle or fleet of vehicles and need their new van(s) fitted out according to their specific requirements. Complete Vehicle Solutions serves as their one-stop-shop for keeping their business on the road – in an efficient, expert, and cost-effective manner.

Complete Vehicle Solutions recognised the need for a corporate website to broadcast their unique selling point and portray their expertise in all aspects of the business. They recognised too that it was important that their site would in time rank highly for all relevant search terms. They came to us – and we were glad to help.

What we did

We first carried out market research and confirmed that there was indeed significant potential in the Irish marketplace for the new combination of services being offered by our client. We then liaised further with the client to establish their vision for the website – both short-term and long-term. We agreed to first build a compact brochure site, and we also agreed a longer-term SEO strategy and digital marketing plan that will see the site grow as the business grows.

Our senior copywriter then began work on content for the new site, creating keyword-optimised text and working with the client on sourcing appropriate photos and other relevant content such as brochures from Edstrom, their world-leading van shelving partners.

Once the content was approved by the client, it was passed on to our designer for the build to begin in earnest.

The website design and build

As this website was being designed for a new start-up with no logo or branding, the first step was to design a logo to reflect the different aspects of the business: retrofits and few fits of vans for shelving systems, refrigeration and basic sheeting-out for safe transport of goods.

The different elements of the logo were then used throughout the site to headline the main pages in relation to the main activities of the business. The structure of the home page uses the logo elements to guide the user to buttons (which reflect the main navigation) and on to the main pages of the website. Additionally, visitors to the website interested in Edström shelving systems can view detailed brochures directly embedded on specific pages for each vehicle manufacturer.

The overall design has a crisp, clean, corporate feel, which greatly pleased our client and which will also allow easy expansion as the business grows. This is a site which will really be going places – just like the businesses who choose to deal with Complete Vehicle Solutions!

Summary – Digital Marketing services provided

You can view the finished website at

What our client said

I was extremely impressed by the team at New World Digital and the work they produced. They quickly and accurately captured the essence of the business, and have delivered a website to show what we do, that we’re the only ones doing it, and that we’re experts at doing it. I would recommend New World Digital to others and I look forward to continuing to work with them as the business and the website grow together.

Jim Costello Complete Vehicle Solutions 16/11/2016

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Website Design – Complete Vehicle Solutions
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