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Cantec Ireland

The background

Cantec are leading suppliers of office printers, managed print services, document management systems, and graphic design and printing services.

Cantec are headquartered in Waterford, and have other locations and personnel nationwide. They already had a large and complex website showcasing all products and services. While it was visually attractive, it did not rank highly, and therefore was not delivering them a satisfactory number of leads and inquiries.

They came to us for help.

What we did

As always, we first had a full discussion with the client, to gain maximum understanding of their business and operations. We also performed a thorough audit of their existing site, to investigate the problems with it, and we discovered there were many. These included that the site was not responsive for smaller screens, and had relatively slow loading times in certain sections.

We also discovered several ‘legacy’ issues with even older forms of a company websites which remained online, so in essence, they were competing with themselves for rankings.

We drew up a detailed action plan, put it to Cantec, and got the go-ahead to get to work.

The website design and build

Most of the text content on the existing site was relatively satisfactory. While some re-writing took place to bring things up to date and to strengthen the marketing message, this project involved less actual copywriting than most.

The bulk of the work was therefore more technical in nature, to achieve the desired results. It included:

  • Code mark-up and optimisation of all media files for speed and performance.
  • Installation of filterable eCommerce catalogue mode functionality, with easy switch to full eCommerce when needed.
  • Implementation of advanced, flexible and filterable portfolio.
  • Delivery of optimised Search Engine framework.
  • Adjustment of website design elements and layout, in close consultation with the client, to achieve their visual appearance requirements without compromising functionality and responsiveness of the site for various browser types and/or screen sizes.
  • Implementation of advanced contact form with conditional fields functionality.
  • Open Graph protocol markup included to increase performance of website pages and posts. within various social media channels, and to increase conversions and click-through rates.

Our clients were highly impressed with our attention to detail and our consultation with them at all stages, and are very pleased with the final result.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can see the finished site at

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