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Technology for the automotive industry

The background

An existing client, Noel Maher of ATECEA, returned to us to ask for a website built for a new business venture: ASETS (Automotive Safety Environmental Technology Solutions).

Based in Tallaght in Dublin, ASETS was established to bring leading international high-tech systems for commercial fleet operators, vehicle repairers, and the insurance sector to the Irish market for the first time. Noel sought a website design and content that would reflect and concisely inform about the technological nature of these systems, and their benefits in cutting costs, streamlining operating methods, and improving vehicle safety for all involved with commercial fleets.

What we did

In conjunction we Noel, we studied the three main technologies he was about to bring to market, and decided upon the best way of introducing them to the Irish market through text content, imagery, and video footage.

As these were new technologies that were unlikely at first to be searched for by their brand name, we also performed thorough keyword research and decided upon appropriate keywords to concentrate upon for SEO purposes.

As a new business venture, ASETS also required a corporate logo, and we gave our client several options before the final version was agreed.

The website design and build

A sleek overall look was decided upon, with a relatively compact home page that provides brief introductions to the various technological systems in a manner that invites the user to click to read more.

The text, graphic, and video content agreed upon was laid out in such a way to give easily understandable explanations of automotive systems that are extremely technical in nature yet simple for the end user to operate.

We created a Blog page for the client to add new material whenever appropriate, and created new dedicated e-mail addresses for the ASETS brand.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

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