Video Killed the Social Media Star!! Online Videos are Changing How We Market Our Brands

I heard you on the wireless back in ‘52’ On August 1st 1981, when these immortal words were first sang on MTV, a revolution in Music and culture started. MTV and cable TV in the USA changed how we listen to and viewed music. MTV created artistic icons!

Music videos were originally created by record labels to promote upcoming singles and often were performance related making them extremely bland. With MTV, musicians could express themselves innovatively by creating personas, producing memorable videos and market themselves to record buyers. Music television instead of Radio became more accessible for musicians. Artists and record labels pumped huge sums of money into videos to promoting singles and albums. This allowed musicians to create landmark video’s that people would talk about for years to come.

Can you imagine the excitement of seeing Michael Jacksons Thriller or David Bowies ‘Ashes to Ashes’ music videos for the first time and how different they were? Yeah they may be outdated now but back in the 1980’s these videos were an event. In the 1980’s Video was about the kill the Radio Star!

Fast Forward 33 years and the evolution of the internet! We have also seen advancements in how accessible it is to create and share videos online. Traditionally videos were created offline and didn’t exist in the public realm. Since the 2000’s video platforms such YouTube have made it more accessible for people to share and create their own video content and create Superstars out of ordinary people.

Social Media is a game changer in how we communicate, build communities and interact with each other. Social Media allows vast sharing of content such as pictures and videos. With growing online Social Media brand communities, video is an essential part of any Social Media Marketing Strategy.

YouTube has over 1 billion unique visitors each month. With such a vast audience, platforms like YouTube allow marketers to express their marketing message both creatively and cost effectively. Video marketing content should be an essential part of building brand awareness. They say a picture ‘Paints a Thousand Words’, I say a Video ‘Completes the Masterpiece’.

Video marketing gives your existing and potential customers an insight into your business and lets them be a part of your brand journey. It also enables a brand to become human, build a relationship with your customers and adds value to your relationship.

To become a Video Marketing Rock star and to rise above the noise and be heard, here are some tips:

  1. Production Values – To create a video to market your brand, high production values are not essential. As long as your video gets to the core of your message and is honest, people will relate to that message. Don’t forget to add a little humour! Check out this video for Impact Gumshield
  2. The 3 S’s (Succinct, short and snappy) – Customers online are constantly been bombarded with marketing messages and attention spans are low. Customers consume online marketing content in bite sized formats. For successful video marketing it’s important to keep your content short and to the point. With video platforms such as Vine and Viddy only allow for 15 second clips. So make sure that your marketing video gets to the point, capture people’s attention and not switch off. Check out Oreo’s Wonderfilled Campaign
  3. Be Memorable, Be Remarkable and Be Original: The Viral Video – When videos go viral, it’s the holy grail of marketing. Your brand is exposed to vast audience, talked about and remains in the memory bank for a long time. To make a video go viral there is no secret to success, it can be hit or miss. There is however some basic principles to think of if you want your video to go viral. Make sure your video is thought provoking, makes someone laugh, injects humour, quirky, has emotional impact, relevant and makes you stop to think. Be creative with your video and apply some of these principles to capture and engage your audience. Ensure that you encapsulate what your brand stands for, be brave, entertain and show some attitude. If you capture their imagination, your video will go viral. Can you remember this Volvo video with Jean Claude Van Damme? Unforgettable!
  4. Become an expert – The beauty of video marketing is that it allows you to demonstrate how much of an expert you are. It’s a great brand building exercise by building your reputation online. Invite people to ask questions and answer them online. Demonstrate your products features, how it works and highlight USP’s. Also offer tips and advice that will enhance your product and service offering. Invite other experts for an FAQ session and demonstrate your thought leadership. All these qualities will help build up relationships with your customers and create loyalty in the long-term. Check out Groupons video on their product features
  5. Customer Testimonials – Video Testimonials from satisfied customers is a perfect way to enhance your brand reputation. For potential customers this is what ensures security and advance their purchasing decision. Interview satisfied customers and get them to discuss their experiences. Check out Twinnings Tea video

In the end did Video kill the Radio Star?

In fact no! With internet and digital formats, radio has gone from strength to strength.

Will Video kill the Social Media star? The answer is no, video and social media go hand in hand. Both are driven by people and by social interactions.

From a marketing point of view, Social Media will be vital to ensure that videos remains accessible and change the way we market our brands online.

What will it be like in 33 years time? That’s for another day and I’m going to enjoy this video of a dancing dog!