Top 5 tips for taking part in #icebucketchallenge

First of all a very big thank you to Woodford Dolmen Hotel and the Catering Innovation Agency for their very kind nominations. I will remember your generosity and look forward to returning the favour in the very near future.

It’s quite an experience and as you will see from the video we made quite a few mistakes while taking the #icebucketchallenge. So while we are moving a little bit away from our normal topics on our blog but we always try to be educational with our blogging so here are top 5 tips for taking part in the #icebucketchallenge

  1. Don’t let your mother-in-law watch, she will get far too much pleasure from the event
  2. Don’t ask your 4 year old to pour a basin of water over your head because you will end up having to help do it yourself!
  3. Don’t give a big bucket of water to your 9 year old
  4. Don’t get your kids to do the challenge just before bedtime because they will be too excited to go to sleep
  5. Most importantly, do your nominations before you take the challenge, otherwise you might forget your third nomination…

Just for the record, my nominations are as follows

  1. John O’Brien from EMS Copiers
  2. Declan Keane from ReproMed
  3. Most importantly, the one I forgot on camera, Ken Dunne from National Insurance

You can find more information about Ice Bucket Challenge idea on Wikipedia –