Top 10 Questions to ask your Web Design Company

The decision to get a new website design for your company is a big one and the most important part is choosing the right website design company. Based on our extensive experience of designing websites these are in our opinion the 10 questions that every customer should ask before they buy a website from a Web Design Company.

  1. Do you outsource the Website Design work overseas. Many Digital Marketing Agencies now outsource their website design overseas to India and other countries where labour is cheap. While this can lead to cheaper development costs for the Web Design Agency it rarely results in cheaper costs for the client and usually leads to poor quality Web Design (and poor quality English if they are providing the website content)
  2. Can we come and meet the team in your office. This is obviously connected to question 1 but you as a customer need to get to know the people who will be providing the Web Design that will represent your company and brand online.
  3. Is the website portable. What this means is simple terms is that can the website be moved to another Web Design Agency down the line if required. Quite a few Web Design Agencies have the exclusive rights to a platform for building websites in a country. This ensures that the client is essentially tied to the agency and if they want to move at a later stage they need to rebuild from scratch.
  4. Can I see a portfolio of your work. A reputable Web Design Company will be delighted to show you samples of their work.
  5. Can I speak to some of your clients. A reputable Web Design Company will be delighted to let you speak to satisfied website design clients.
  6. Will there be a Content Management System on the new website design. Content Management systems allow for simple and affordable maintenance of your website going forward. In some cases the client will want to make the changes themselves, in some cases they will want their Digital Marketing Agency to do it for them, but either way you need a simple, clean and affordable way of making changes to your site going forward.
  7. Will I get a responsive website design? Responsive website design means that your new website will respond to the device and therefore will work on mobile phones, tablets, etc… The mobile market is increasing by the month and to build a website that is not responsive in the current market would not be a wise investment.
  8. Will my website be search engine friendly? Certain platforms lend themselves to search engine optimisation (such as WordPress and Joomla) and if you want the website to generate traffic then it needs to be on a search engine friendly platform.
  9. Can you provide SEO or Digital Marketing so I can compete in my local area, Nationally and even World Wide? This obviously depends on whether you want to invest in the Digital Marketing or SEO route but it makes sense to work with one agency.
  10. The Final Question is one to ask yourself and not the Web Design Company. Do I like / trust them? If you don’t then find another Web Design Company!

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