The Neverending Story! The Importance of Brand Storytelling

Sitting around a campfire on a summers night as a kid brings back abiding memories of the scent of toasting marshmallows, the wind blowing through the trees and the eerie sounds of the forest wildlife. But the most vivid memory that I have is how stories told around the campfire enthralled us and send our minds on a journey of fantasy & adventure. These stories were passed down from generation to generation but have evolved over time to make it more relevant a younger audience. Whether it was a ghost or adventure story, your mind races and sleep was always difficult!

The Importance of Brand StorytellingStorytelling historically has been part of many cultures and used as a mechanism to ensure that tales and history is preserved in people’s minds. It can be used to cast your mind away and escape to a fictional world.

The use of storytelling defines who you are, what you stand for and reflects your personality. Throughout the ages storytelling became part of the rich heritage and fabric of society using vivid imagery and strong context. Using compelling stories preserves history and provides a source of inspiration for people.

From a Social Media Marketing viewpoint it’s absolutely critical to use Storytelling to compel people to buy into your brand philosophy. It can often act as the foundation to your Content Marketing strategy and how to influence peoples buying behaviours. For a brand to grow and sustain customer loyalty it’s crucial to use storytelling as a platform to emphasise your values, vision, history and what you stand for. Ensure your brand compels and inspires people which will leads to long-term loyalty and value.

How to use Brand Storytelling as part of your Social Media Strategy

  • Blogs – The most important tool you will use to story tell is utilising blogs. Ensure you create a context that suits your brand and a narrative that engages people. In terms of Social Media Marketing, blogs can be a source of inspiration for people whenever they are determining what products or services they are purchasing.
  • Imagery – A picture paints a 1000 words. Pictures can capture a moment in time and allows the viewer to interpret their own story. Imagery can be a powerful tool in telling your brand story. Ensure that your brand pictures tell a story, be memorable, engage and provide emotional impact. The more engaging an image is on Social Media  the more people share, thus increasing brand exposure.
  • Videos – Videos in short or long form can tell a story of your brand that provides a longer lasting visual impact. Make sure your videos reflect your brand message and provide a narrative that leaves an impact on the viewer’s mind. Creating a powerful and memorable videos on Social Media increases brand equity and virility.

As a business providing a product or service, cast your mind back to your favourite stories, myths or legends. Imagine how much they become part of your childhood and still remain in your memory. Ensure you apply brand storytelling as part of your Social Media Marketing and guarantee that your brand has a ‘Never Ending Story’.

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