The Importance of Digital Marketing To Online Success

What is Digital Marketing?

digital marketingDigital Marketing is the methods Digital Marketing Agencies such as ourselves use to build you an online presence. This is so you are noticed when potential customers go online in order to buy the products you are selling.

It is like advertising by radio, newspaper or television. However instead of competing only in a local market such as Ireland, a successful digital marketing campaign can make you visible from Australia to Canada, from America to Russia.

I’m sure that you are beginning to see why this Digital Marketing could be a good thing.

What are the Methods

Responsive Website Design

When people decide that they need to plan a digital marketing strategy the first thing to look at is naturally their website design. Have they got a responsive website design that’s visually appealing and easy to navigate?

The website design that’s most popular at the moment is a visually clean website design that’s uncluttered. Careful consideration to the balance between design and content will deliver a website design that’s both pleasing to the eye while providing the information you want to convey.

The Responsive Website Design is so important because in 2012 approximately €1.2 billion(30%) of the €4 billion spent in Irish online stores was spent via mobile phones and Tablets. The conservative estimate is that by the end of 2015 this will have risen to 50% of a €7 billion spend. ‘Responsive’ means that your web-page can adjust to be seen properly on either a mobile phone or a Tablet. If your website is not responsive this means that even if you are on the first page of Google and getting 1000 hits per day you may be losing 50% (500) of your potential customers as they can’t see you!

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all those kids stuff! Are they really that important to you. Surely a top range website design is more than enough to guarantee online marketing success!??

Social Media may give you the edge you need over your competitors and will help develop your brand awareness. A properly run social media campaign can have your business connecting with thousands of people daily. The clearest way to describe how a successful social media campaign is to make a comparison in how a barber talks to his customer while cutting the customers hair.

A sociable barber who ‘connects’ with the customer will have much more repeat business and referrals.

Search Engine Optimization — SEO

SEO is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy where you want your website to rank as high as possible on all the search engines. Google, Yahoo and Bing are just a few of the search engines used to find websites online. Different people use different search engines so you need your website to rank well on them all, if possible. Its important to remember for your website to rank on page 1 of Google, its imperative to produce high quality original content on a consistent basis.

Pay Per Click Campaign — PPC

What is the simplest way to explain PPC? When a Digital Marketing Agency contacts Google on your behalf and arranges an advert to be placed on the top of page one of Google for certain key search terms . If you sold ‘TAPS’ then whenever someone typed in ‘taps’ in the Google search engine your company would be at the very top of page one.

Let me explain why for most companies PPC is only used with a fixed budget to get their digital marketing campaign off to a quick start. But is more often than not reduced and cancelled once the companies online presence has had a chance to gain momentum.

The more popular the keyword, the more Google charge you. From 50 cents to €50 or even more.

Remember the person who clicks may not buy. In fact 10% is considered a very high conversion rate. To give you some Maths I will give you a medium to low price range so you can understand why companies are turning to professional digital marketing companies rather than PPC for their online advertising.

Say we price a PPC at €5 and in one day you get 1000 clicks. €5 * 1000 ==== €5,000
Now we multiply by 30 to get the average monthly cost € 5,000 * 30 ==== €150,000

You could hire your own small digital marketing team for that…

But why would you ?

For a fraction of that cost you can hire a Digital Marketing Agency who will offer you the benefits of having your own team.

This post is not meant to scare anyone into Digital Marketing, but it is supposed to help the average business manager realise that there are more benefits to digital marketing than they think. The World Wide Web is here to stay.

Using a reputable company such as ourselves, we can help you start your Digital Marketing journey and start ‘Growing Your Business Online’. We can judge the market you are competing in and examine what steps your competitors are taking before advising you on a suitable campaign for your business.

If you are thinking of a digital marketing campaign you might be interested in talking to some of our clients. Their contact details are very easy to find. Try Google — Page 1.