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“New World Digital provided a service above and beyond the normal, and so deserve the highest praise.”

Tim Pullen, CEO, Cloudtech


The power of the Cloud

The background

We were approached by Tim Pullen, Chief Executive Officer of Cloudtech, a leading researcher and developer of custom Cloud-based applications for business use.

Based in Dundrum in Dublin, Cloudtech had already been trading for some time, and had reached the point of major expansion. Realising the importance of having a dynamic and effective website design to showcase all company services, and being impressed with other sites in our portfolio and our knowledge of the sector, Tim engaged us to build the new website for Cloudtech.

What we did

Extensive consultation was conducted with the managing partners of Cloudtech in order to best determine how to portray on the new website their extensive expertise in such a specialist and technical field.

We knew that as each prospective Cloudtech client would have highly specific needs, terminology used would have to be correct and precise at all points. This placed content writing at the core of the process, with a need to balance descriptions of Cloudtech services against the most common keywords used by those seeking to avail of them.

A multi-layered review of all content took place, with input from all stakeholders, until all were satisfied that the finished content accurately and optimally captured the essence of Cloudtech.

The website design and build

An attractive theme was selected to best suit the agreed-upon menu structure of the new site, and an elegant colour scheme of light blues and a cloud motif was chosen to subtly enhance the ‘Cloud’ element of Cloudtech operations.

Logos and credentials of key business partners including Apple and Salesforce were prominently displayed to highlight Cloudtech’s standing and expertise in their field, and elegant graphics and imagery to illustrate the site were both sourced and designed.

Prior to going ‘live’, the new site also benefited from back-end SEO processes, as standard on each of our website designs.

We liaised closely with Tim and partners at each step of the way to ensure they were satisfied with progress, and in the end, we delivered them a website that met and even exceeded their expectations.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

  • Responsive web design
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Content Management System

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What Tim Pullen, CEO of Cloudtech thought

I wanted to work with New World Digital for a while, as I had met John Abbott several years ago in a previous role and had been very impressed with his workrate, honesty and straight talking. I had always thought that it would be good to work with him.

I am pleased to say that the reality of a contractual relationship with his company has been exactly as I expected. From the initial meeting, John was straightforward and understood my requirements. He reviewed those with his team and came back very quickly with a proposal. We agreed payment terms and John’s team started work.

John came back with good ideas and suggestions and even managed to find a more cost effective solution. The content creation process was as expected – that is to say, his team challenged and re-wrote in order to boil down the messaging. This was iterative and necessary – with both sides having strong views over what would work, and working together to reach agreement.

Once the content was agreed, the web designer put the site together really quickly – and very well. We never saw any mistakes or glitches. If anything didn’t look great – it was changed so fast that sometimes we couldn’t believe that it had been done! The site went live as planned, and on the right date.

There are not many companies that I would strongly recommend, but New World Digital provided a service above and beyond the normal, and so deserve the highest praise.

I have now signed up with them for ongoing website support and maintenance and have already made several recommendations regarding their work to other businesses.

Tim Pullen CEO, Cloudtech 18/12/2015

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