Shout Loud! Let It All Out! Finding Your Social Media Voice

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a stock exchange trading room floor. The tone of your voice is low and meek.

Finding Your Social Media Voice

All you can see is very tall people, rushing around screaming like mad trying valiantly to have their voice heard. The noise is deafening and your heart is pounding with the adrenaline rush! Now imagine your voice trying to rise to the top of the commotion and be heard. It’s futile and impossible.

Over the last 8 years, Social Media (see Digital Marketing Agency) has transformed the way we market our brands and how we relate to customers. With businesses of all sizes adopting Social Media as part of their marketing strategy, the clamour for people’s attention has become critical. The more businesses compete for people’s attention the more noise is created. For businesses to rise above this noise and be heard, it’s crucial for brands to develop a Social Media Voice.

What is a Social Media Voice?

A Social Media Voice (see Digital Marketing Agency) is a tone that is developed to relate towards people on a human and personal level. Social Media is unlike most traditional marketing channels and it requires brands to adopt a human approach to marketing to people. The direct sell is gone and is been replaced by a softer approach to marketing. People want to be empowered and not be talked down to by brands. Customers want to talk to the real people behind brands and this helps to build trust and loyalty. Speaking to your customers in a personal tone creates a more engaged audience and this in turn helps to build brand awareness. However it is important to adapt a tone that is not robotic and scripted.

How do we develop a Social Media Voice?

To get to stage where you can have a genuine Social Media Voice (see Digital Marketing Agency) it’s crucial to examine what is your Brand Position and U.S.P. It’s relatively pointless in creating Content and discussing topics that are irrelevant to your brands. The cornerstone of any relationship between brand and customer is understanding your values and what you stand for. Your core values is what every great and remarkable brand is built on. It builds the emotional bond between both customer and brand that creates loyalty. If you veer away from these values, ambiguity can turn away existing and potential customers.

Try focus on what makes your brand great, relevant and is different from your competitors. Create content based on this premise by adding value to your customers and getting them to engage. Here are a few tips in helping your brand find you’re Social Media Voice:

  1. Authentic – People respect your brand if you adopt an authentic voice. It’s important to be transparent and open with your customers. Ultimately people won’t be fooled if you lack honesty and integrity. Create authentic content that people can relate to.
  2. Personal – It’s important that you create a personal tone with people. Humans relate to humans, not to a logo. If you remain robotic in your content or responses, people will turn away from your brand. Create a humanised Social Media brand and talk to your customer’s in a personal tone.
  3. Empathy – What many companies fail to understand about marketing on Social Media, it’s about talking to customers and not at them. People don’t like condescension and in most cases simply need help! Understand what your customers want and offer a customer service that is empathetic and makes their lives easier. Talk to them on a personal level will increase loyalty and affection to your brand.
  4. Emotion – Injecting emotion into your Social Media voice will demonstrate to your customers that you are more than just a faceless brand. Emphasis your core values and how much your customers mean to you will create a high level of engagement that will ensure brand awareness.
  5. Fun! – Never be afraid to have fun with your customers. People want to be entertained and will endear people to your brand in the long-term. Adopting a casual/fun voice will capture people’s attention and ensure your content goes viral. This has a twofold effect: 1) builds brand awareness and 2) builds long-term loyal relationships with customers.

Amongst all the noise make sure your brand is heard and adopt a Social Media Voice (see Digital Marketing Agency) with clarity and purpose. Rise above the crowd and Be Heard! Not part of the herd!

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