SEO Packages

SEO packages

SEO Packages tailor-made for your business

Most business owners coming to us for SEO services want to know how much they will cost. They also ask if we have SEO packages like they’ve seen others offer.

The short answers are ‘that depends’, and ‘no we don’t’.

SEO costs depend on how much SEO work is necessary. We don’t have set costs for set SEO packages. We prefer to tailor-make our SEO packages specific to your requirements, not bundle you into one we prepared earlier.

Why our SEO Packages are different

Our approach to SEO Packages is different to most other SEO companies. But our approach works. We have over 100 clients on Page 1 of Google in Ireland and the UK for the search terms that drive traffic and sales for their business. That’s down to our policy of tailor-making a unique SEO package for each website we work on.

There are three main reasons why we work this way:

seo packages Each website is different. Therefore, each set of SEO requirements is different. Your needs may not fall neatly into a package promising ‘x’ number of keywords, ‘y’ number of blog posts, and ‘z’ number of social media promotions per month. That means that anybody selling you a pre-defined SEO package will either be under-selling or over-selling you on one or more of those things.

seo packages SEO packages are not as impressive as they may appear. It’s often the case that SEO companies selling SEO packages provide a long and impressive-looking list of what they will do for you each month. But there are two things to be wary of.

  • Firstly, many of those tasks will be relatively simple and automated ones that should come as standard anyway.
  • Secondly, some of the ‘quick-fix’ tactics they employ to deliver results from a ‘bargain’ package can end up getting you penalised in the long run. Effective and ethical SEO really is a case of you get what you pay for.

seo packages SEO needs can run deep. It’s sometimes the case that there are fundamental problems with a website, and effective SEO can only be carried out by starting with a re-build. In these cases, no pre-bundled SEO package in existence will help. You’ve got to go back to basics, instead of just ticking boxes on a monthly checklist.

SEO Packages for you

We will come up with a bespoke SEO plan for you, at a price appropriate to your needs and the work involved. But we’ll do it only after first learning about your business and seeing where and how your website needs to improve.

We may not offer ready-made SEO packages, but we do offer thorough and no-obligation SEO audits and quotations.

How much will bespoke SEO cost?

Unlike most SEO Companies we do not have predefined SEO packages.

All SEO services are delivered on an agreed number of hours per month. This will depend on the level of competition and the number of search terms.

We have clients who pay as little as €300 per month and are ranking at top of Page 1.

Just contact us to get us to start working on your rankings today.