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Let our SEO Experts boost your business online

Your company may have the best-looking and best-structured website in the world. But if nobody can find it, it simply won’t bring you the business you deserve.

That’s why a proper SEO strategy designed and implemented by SEO experts is so important. That’s exactly what we can do for you.

We use proven ‘white hat’ techniques to get your website ranked on Google for the search terms you want. We can identify other search terms too that maybe didn’t occur to you, but which are equally relevant to your company and which see high levels of search traffic each day.

Techniques our SEO Experts use

The techniques used by our SEO experts include:

  • Creating high-quality content. Search Engine algorithms now focus on content quality and keyword relevancy, and not keyword density. Your content must be readable and engaging for the user. Our SEO service could include a re-write of existing content, or creating new content from scratch.
  • Making best use of the best images, graphics, and videos available, as these are ‘high engagement’ elements for the user and show that your site is highly relevant to the search terms used.
  • High emphasis on mobile device optimisation, to ensure that your site is as engaging and easy to use on tablets and phones as on a computer screen.
  • An SEO audit on existing sites, to see what’s working well and not so well, and to tackle potential problems such as broken links, slow-loading pages, crawler errors, and other technical issues;
  • And more.

What we know to avoid

There are some techniques offered by other SEO companies that our own SEO experts avoid. They used to work, and in some cases will still work for a short time to give your site a lift in the rankings, but over time you will be penalised for them. You will see your site plummeting down the rankings instead of climbing them.

These ‘black hat’ techniques include bad back-link building, keyword stuffing, and more. Beware any other SEO company which begins to talk in these terms, and come talk to our SEO experts instead.

Results our SEO Experts have achieved

Since 2013, our SEO Experts have got websites ranked on Page 1 of Google for search terms as varied and diverse as:

  • Commercial kitchen design
  • House blinds
  • Garden design
  • Contract cleaners
  • Fire Prevention Company Ireland
  • Walking Holidays Ireland
  • Golf Lessons Dublin
  • Lightning Protection
  • Fertility Test
  • And more

It shows that no matter what business you’re in, we can get your website noticed by the people who matter most – all the potential customers who are searching for your products or services on Google.

Packages offered by our SEO Experts

For more information on the different monthly packages offered by our SEO Experts, please see our SEO packages page. You can also e-mail us or use our Contact Us form to arrange a no-obligation SEO consultation.

We’ll advise on the best SEO package and strategy for you, and get to work on getting your business to Page 1 of Google.