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Choosing the right SEO Company

So, you’re looking for an SEO Company to get your website moving up the rankings. You’ve done a search, and you’re bombarded with promises from near and far. How can you choose the right one SEO Company?

We believe that the most important choice is to choose an SEO Company that actually does the SEO work themselves. This means they do not outsource this work overseas on a generic SEO Package. Too many other SEO companies in Ireland are guilty of this type of outsourced SEO service.

These SEO Companies claim to provide a one-size-fits-all solution, but it doesn’t really fit anything. They often involve back links from what are usually bad websites. These usually have to be later removed as part of a Toxic Link Removal service after your website has been penalised by Google.

As an ethical and expert SEO Company, we guarantee that we never outsource our SEO overseas. We also guarantee to never use bad back link packages as part of our SEO Service.

For more information on back links please read our blog on back links here.

SEO Company FAQ

The other thing you’ll have found in your search is advice on the questions to ask an SEO Company before deciding whether to hire them. Another SEO Company might try avoid some of these questions. We’re different. We’ll answer them – right here, right now.

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How exactly will your SEO Company improve my rankings?

Through the experience and expertise we’ve built up, over years of doing the same for others. We use the optimal blend of on-page and off-page SEO tactics, so that users and search engines alike can find your site, engage with your content, and send it up the rankings. See our SEO Services page for fuller details.

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How do we decide the keywords to target?

Through diligent market research and keyword research. That may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many other SEO Companies don’t pay enough attention to this basic step.

For example, we’ve had people come to us saying they were at number one for their chosen search terms, but still not getting much traffic, and why not? The answer was simply that there weren’t many searches for those terms in the first place. Their SEO Company did not do the market research. Targeting alternative terms originally would have been a better option.

Our market research will tell you how big your potential market is online for each search term, and how realistic it is for you to capture your share of that market.

We make sure that our target keywords are the correct ones for you, your business, and your potential customers.

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Does your SEO strategy include content marketing, blogging, social media, etc.?

Oh yes. It’s crucial to any successful strategy by any good SEO Company today. Our copywriters and social media specialists make sure your content is fresh, informative, and regularly updated and enhanced. That increases user engagement, traffic levels, and ‘white hat’ link building. These are all important factors in improved SEO.

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Can your SEO Company guarantee to get me to number 1?

To be honest – no. But nobody can. So beware if any other SEO Company claims otherwise.

That’s because Google and the other major search engines don’t reveal their secrets. Also, they change their algorithms hundreds of times a year. They’re mostly minor changes, but there are some major ones too. Any one of them could affect your ranking and your chances of hitting the top spot. What works today won’t necessarily work tomorrow.

But what we can guarantee is that at any given time, we will be using all known tactics that work at that time to send you in the right direction. And if the Google rules change, we’ll be bang on top of what those rule changes are. We will revise your SEO plan accordingly – and get you moving up again.

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Will you tell me about the SEO changes you make?

Yes. For some, we’ll need your go-ahead anyway, such as re-writing existing content to make it more SEO-friendly, or writing new blogs and content for your website. These will all be sent for you to review to ensure you are happy with them before we publish.

For the invisible stuff, at the back end and even off-site, we will discuss these with you as we are progressing. However, we will not necessarily detail every little change as it happens, as in some cases, there could be hundreds or even thousands of changes in a month.

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How often do I get SEO reports on how things are going?

Once a month. We’ll send you a report on all work carried out during that month, including a table listing your rankings for all targeted search terms at both the beginning and end of that month, so you can see the difference our work has made. If you want an interim report at any stage, we’ll be glad to provide that too – just contact us to ask for it.

We will also speak to you every month to identify new opportunities and discuss the effects of previous efforts on your day-to-day business from a leads and sales point of view.

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How long will it take before I see results from your SEO Company?

Here’s another example of us giving a more honest answer than another SEO Company might do. Because we don’t mind telling you that a successful SEO strategy is not a quick-fix solution.

Beware others who ‘guarantee’ you results in as little as two to four months. They’re either using ‘black hat’ techniques that will get you penalised in the long run, or else simply making promises they can’t keep.

It’s true that in less competitive markets, you may see results very quickly, and indeed may even be on Page 1 within a month or so. But in cut-throat competitive markets, this can take much longer.

We say you can expect to see improvement each month after you start. But if you’re in a competitive market, allow three to six months before expecting a substantial change from your starting point. Then allow six more to consolidate and build upon that new position.

Even if you’re then at number 1, you need to keep working at it, to make sure you hold that position and build up an unassailable lead over competitors. Think of it as the difference between scrambling a 1-0 lead in a football match against a much better team who are constantly on the attack, or leading 10-0 against a much weaker side.

We ask that you give us at least three months to work on your SEO. But you’re free to walk away at any stage, either before or after those three months. We won’t tie you in to a long contract that you just don’t want.

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What sort of results have you achieved for others?

We have helped more than 100 clients onto Page 1 of Google in a wide range of industries around the globe. They’re all happy with the SEO Company they chose – and we hope you’ll make the same choice. We will be delighted to give you examples of clients in an industry similar to yours, upon request.

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How much is this going to cost?

There’s yet another honest answer coming up here. It all depends on what we have to do.

We don’t offer off the shelf seo packages like you’ll see another SEO Company do, offering the choice of targeting three or six or twelve keywords and an apparently impressive-looking list of other services that in reality are mostly basic tasks that should be carried out anyway.

Instead, we tailor your SEO strategy to your specific needs, and that depends on a great number of things. These include:

  • The size and competitiveness of the marketplace you’re in
  • The relative strength of your main rival websites
  • Your website’s existing rankings, content, and overall structure

We have clients who spend as little as €200 per month and we have clients who spend thousands of euro per month. Every client is different as it will depend on the level of competition and the number of keywords.

We will look at these and many other factors before pricing the appropriate SEO package for you.

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Why should we hire your SEO Company rather than anybody else?

Unlike the vast majority of SEO Companies, we help you identify and target the best online market for you. We do not sell generic “off the shelf” SEO Packages. We design and implement the best SEO Strategy for you business and within your budget.

Most importantly we do all of our SEO in house and we do not use back links as part of our SEO Service.

In addition, we can provide so much more than just SEO as we help you define an overall Digital Marketing Strategy and can provide the website maintenance/web design package too. We are your marketing partner who can deliver a fully outsourced/part outsourced solution to complement your existing marketing strategy.

Just contact us to get us to start working on your rankings today.