REVEALED: The Secrets to Growing Your Business Online

angry driverYou might know the old joke about the woman who hears on the radio that there’s a car being driven the wrong way along the motorway near their home. She knows her husband is travelling that road at the same time, so she phones him to warn him.

‘It’s not just one!’ he fumes in reply. ‘There are hundreds of them!’

We might laugh at how that man didn’t realise it was actually he who was going the wrong way – but unfortunately, in the online world today, far too many businesses are also going the wrong way. For them, it’s with their Digital Marketing strategies. And there’s nobody blowing the horn or flashing the lights to try warn them of that.

Instead, there are other warning signs. Consider three questions:

  • Do you have a Web Design that is delivering the return you want?
  • Are you sure your Web Design is pitched in the right direction, and to the right people?
  • Is your Digital Marketing message and strategy properly expressed and defined?

If you find yourself saying ‘no’ to any or all of those, then come talk to us. Because we know the secrets to growing your business online – and we’re about to share them with you.

The Secrets to Successful Digital Marketing

Here they are:

  • Analyse the size of your potential online market
  • See if you can increase that market by identifying a new customer base
  • Find new and imaginative ways to promote your products or services to your existing and new markets
  • Determine ways to set your business apart from your competitors

We’ve been doing this for businesses just like yours for years, and we can do it for you too. Let’s look at some examples of our success stories.

Digital Marketing Success Stories

Vintage Rings Kilkenny Website Design

Vintage Rings Kilkenny – The owners of Lorimat Jewellers in Kilkenny asked us to add some products to an existing website and make it more attractive. We instead identified a massive online market for vintage-style engagement rings, wedding rings, and eternity rings, which form a large part of the Lorimat range.

Result: A change in focus for the client; an elegant new website design focusing exclusively on beautiful rings; and an immediate upsurge in inquiries once the new site went ‘live’.

Visit Bunbury Boards Website

Bunbury Boards – Bunbury Boards are beautiful, hand-crafted chopping boards made from centuries-old Irish hardwood timber. The manufacturers at first focused their Digital Marketing strategy at the restaurant, hotel, and premium domestic sectors. We then directed them toward the huge online market for personalised gifts for weddings and other occasions, and suggested they promote their engraving option to capitalise upon this.

Result: An immediate increase of up to 500% in monthly online sales, with the vast majority of purchasers taking the engraving option to present the item as a personalised gift.

You can have that success too

Let us analyse your existing Website Design and Digital Marketing strategy, and you can soon be enjoying that sort of success too. We will:

  • Identify both the strong points and weak points of your existing online presence
  • Identify how much extra online traffic we can attract
  • Identify the best approach to capture that traffic

Contact Us for an in-depth and no-obligation consultation on what exactly we can do for you with our Website Design, SEO Services, and Digital Marketing campaigns.