Responsive Website Design

responsive web design

Confused about Responsive web design?

This is one of the most important factors when attempting online marketing success! But most business marketing managers still do not understand what is meant when you talk about a site’s responsiveness – or lack of it!

A responsive website is one which adapts to the size of the mobile device being used, such as a smartphone or a tablet. If a website is not responsive you see either a miniature version of the website which you need to expand to try to see what’s on the site. Or you see a screen size cut-out of the site which you move around in order to view the site. Neither very likely to get you any business as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Why is is important to have a responsive website?

In 2013 33% of Irish online sales were made through mobile devices and they estimate that will be close to 50% by the end of 2015. You could be gaining approximately a 100% increase in online business just by having your site responsive.

If that’s so true why haven’t you heard about responsive websites before?

The simple but very sad answer is that most companies building websites probably shouldn’t be!

I went through the first page of Google for Carlow web design and of the 8 web design companies that are on the first page there was only one responsive website, that was ours! Times have moved on and if you plan to have an effective online presence you need to ensure that your website is responsive.

Where do You Start?

Just do what I have done. If a web design company does not have a responsive website themselves you are just wasting your time even talking to them. Cut the list down to the companies with responsive websites and then start reading what they offer!

Responsive Web Design

Many businesses have failed because they choose the wrong web design company! A lot of businessmen are still hanging onto the idea that kids and children are the only ones that use their phones to look and buy online. The fact is that everyone with a smartphone does this and that’s 50% of the population and rising. (Over 2 million potential customers).

My last word is don’t buy a website that is non-responsive. You will end up losing out on sales and potentially damage your brand!

P.S. If getting a website developed, you should read up on SEO and social media as part of your overall Digital Marketing strategy also.