A real international affair

We’ve just launched a new website that’s a real international affair, as it’s aimed at no less than seven different countries.

It’s for existing clients Pillar Healthcare, the developers of the ground-breaking and all-natural fertility supplement pre-Conceive, and it’s to help them recruit and correspond with volunteer couples for a landmark international clinical study into the benefits of the supplement.

Simply called www.fertilitytrial.com, the new site explains to couples what pre-Conceive is, how it works, the benefits they stand to gain by participating in the trial, and what to expect if their application is expected.

The site is built to reflect the style of the main Pillar Healthcare site, and it also has extensive back-end database functionality to handle details of all applicants and participants.

The international clinical study has just been launched in  countries including Ireland, the UK, Poland, Iran, and Sudan, and our site is attracting visits in all those places. As we said at the top – it really is an international affair!

A real international affair
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