Professional Web Design

Professional Web Design

Grow your business online and convert your traffic into sales. We specialise in high quality Professional Web Design and back-end functionality that captivates your target market and stimulates online engagement.

Why invest in Professional Web Design?

Professional Web Design is about creating a website that matches your brand identity, provides you with a representative platform for your product or service, and informs and engages your potential customers.

Just like in any field of service Professional Web Design can vary hugely in its standard and effectiveness. At New World Digital we pride ourselves on being dedicated to high quality and delivering excellent Professional Web Design to our customers which are easily adaptive to future changes and responsive across multiple devices.

Professional Web Design that Grows Your Business Online

New World Digital are one of the leading Professional Web Design companies in Ireland. We provide our clients throughout Ireland with a full range of Professional Web Design solutions which include:

  • Brochure Web Design that brilliantly showcases your products and services
  • E-commerce Web Design to make your website a functional online store
  • Bespoke Web Design integrating advanced functionality to your unique website
  • Responsive Web Design that allows ease of access specific to all devices
  • Adaptive Web Design that allows easy alterations and changes so your website is constantly at the cutting edge of your industry

All of our web design are built with one specific focus in mind, “to grow your business online”. We understand your website’s need to be responsive to all user devices and adaptive to future changes and updates with fresh content and functionality so that your website grows as your business does.

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In 2014 we were fortunate enough to have 11 of our clients websites nominated for web design awards in the Realex Fire Web Awards. New World Digital was also nominated for Best Web Design Agency. The Realex Fire Web Awards are held annually to recognize people who do great things on the web in Ireland.

Professional Web Design – Why is it so important

A recent survey showed that over 80% of Irish people look at a company’s website before making a decision to purchase their products or services. Your website is the most important sales tool that your business has its disposal.

Professional Web design quality has been consistently improving and will do so into the future. When people arrive at a website they expect a certain quality and functionality, they want information on your product or service and they expect to be able to find it with ease and be impressed.

Bad web design can literally be a page with text and images, delivering poor search rankings and leaving a negative impression on customers and impacting directly on reputation and sales.

Good web design should function as a well-defined pathway, showing visitors exactly where they want to go and funnelling traffic towards the features and services they are interested in. Creating this clear usability and functionality takes time and also a dedication to perfection and making sure there are no hanging links or dead-end shortcuts that can confuse and annoy potential customers.

Your website is your permanent salesperson, available 24/7 to engage with people and convert interested traffic into satisfied customers and members of your brand community. Ensuring that your website is professional, functional, and clear in its message leaves a positive impression, growing your brand and increasing sales.

Web design is one of the pillars of enhancing your business online, along with Digital Marketing and SEO, but it is probably the most important. Web design provides the platform for content, keywords, tags and HTML elements all of which are crucial for a search engine to find and rank your business. All three of these pillars are inter-connected but without quality web design neither of the others will be able to work to their maximum potential.

Professional Web Design – Our Approach

We work on all of our web design projects on a partnership basis with our clients. It is vital that your brand and marketing message are maintained through your website design. Our experienced web developers will work closely with you to achieve the look and feel that you want for your website.

Along with direct access to the web designers building your site you will also be able to work closely with our professional digital marketing and copywriting team. We want you to get a website that you can be proud of while also utilising our design and marketing experience to ensure that your site does what it’s supposed to: grow your business online.

We do not outsource or rush our websites, we are perfectionists when it comes to each build and are proud of what we deliver to our clients. They are investing in something which means a huge amount to them and their business and so, rightly, it means a huge amount to us.

We understand that getting a new web design for your company can be daunting and, if not managed properly, a very painful experience for both parties. We always speak in plain English with no “jargon” and make sure that the client is involved and informed at every major step of the process.

We provide access to the development site before going live and will guide you through the process of adding and altering your site through this practice site so that you can always keep your site adaptive and up-to-date.

We are a web design agency with a difference.

  • We work with you to realize your vision for a perfect online platform
  • Direct access to our excellent design and marketing team
  • All sites created originally and in-house in Ireland
  • Fully adaptive websites which you can easily control and manage

Why Choose New World Digital for Professional Web Design?

We are a highly Professional Web Design agency with years of combined experience in creating high quality and user friendly websites which perform across multiple devices and browsers.

Websites must look professional and be tailored to individual industries, we have built websites for a huge range of businesses and we have the experience to know what works where.

We provide real-time analytics and data to see how your website is performing and functioning in its purpose. We are focused on growing your business, not just pretty pictures.

With our integrated digital marketing and SEO packages your website will rank highly on search engines as well as delivering a holistic brand message in harmony with your overall marketing strategy.

We are committed to quality, any website can look well but with us you can be assured that all of the back-end code, tags, indexing, etc. are looking great as well so that search engines “crawling” for information can navigate easily and clearly determine what your website is about. There is no point in having a good-looking website that no-one can find.

With an increasing amount of mobile and tablet traffic your website must be fully responsive to work across different devices. Just as important is website load speeds on mobile devices, with New World Digital we want what’s best for you and will always strive to ensure that you are getting the right trade-off balance as well as full responsiveness in your web design.

We can also provide additional Digital Marketing services such as:

In addition, we provide website maintenance packages which ensure that no matter how busy you are, your website is always up to date with fresh content about your products and services.

Contact Us today to arrange Professional Web Design quotation and see how we can help you grow your business online.