Prepare to Succeed, Succeed in Preparing! The Importance of a Content Planning in Your Social Media Strategy

In every aspect of life from business to sport, success is achieved through preparing and planning. Ask any sports person who has excelled in their discipline and the mantra they use ‘Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail’. Success is very rarely spontaneous. More often than not each performance in sports training is scrutinised and every little detail is analysed.

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

Team Sky, the professional cycling team, often talk about the marginal gains in their blue print for success. In a crowded playing field with high quality professional cyclists to achieve success, everything from preparation, planning, logistics, nutrition, clothing etc. must be analysed in-depth and whatever advances must be applied to enhance performance. Therefore achieving a competitive advantage over their rivals.

With Social Media Marketing the same can apply. For your brand to success on Social Media (see Digital Marketing Agency) it’s vital that you prepare and plan accordingly to ‘have your marginal gains’ over your competitors. Social Media is similar to other marketing channels (see Digital Marketing Agency) .

Planning and preparing your marketing campaigns takes time, research, analysis and implementation. The more you plan the less likely that a marketing campaign fails (see Digital Marketing Agency). The same scenario applies to Social Media…

To maximise brand awareness on Social Media creating engagement with your audience is crucial. To build engagement on Social Media, designing a Content Strategy is key and one that engages with people should be a primary goal. Content on Social Media and on all marketing platforms is the most important mechanism to amplify your marketing message.

Therefore setting up a Content Planner is an important function in achieving your Social Media Marketing goals. Here are some reason to set-up and implement a Content Planner:

  1. Ensure Social Media campaign goals are met
  2. Sets out clearly defined Content to post on your Social Media Channels according to your Social Media strategy.
  3. Provide Structure and Consistency. Successful brands on Social Media develop and implement content on a consistent basis and is structured to deliver engagement. If your content is not frequent, gaps will appear in your Social Media strategy that will disengage your Social Media community.
  4. Provide a Content mix that is tailored to your audience interests.
  5. Provides your business & brand with a focus and vision

Success is never guaranteed. But by preparing and planning your Social Media content appropriately success is never far away (see Digital Marketing Agency).

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