Premier Seo Consultants – Who Are They and Where Are They?

Premier Seo Consultants

Premier SEO Consultants

Premier SEO Consultants are difficult to find in Ireland as:

  • While there are lots of companies who say they provide premier SEO consultancy packages in Ireland, some of these companies outsource their SEO consultancy contracts to India and China. No real harm in that as long as they actually get results. Unfortunately as most companies have found out, that while there will be improvements in your rankings over a period of time, they rarely seem to be able to achieve Google page 1 success. If you are not on page 1 in Google then you won’t get many online customers. Less than 2% of people go to the second page of Google.
  • Some SEO consultancies are still using outdated methods to try achieving the same results as before. Google are constantly looking to improve how they rank websites and improve user experience therefore they keep changing their algorithms. This means that in order to be able to place a company consistently on Google page 1, you need to be constantly updating your SEO skills using White Hat methods. Some SEO companies that offer SEO services are unable or unprepared to commit to this level of work.
  • Your Marketing managers may be biased. They may not wish to hire SEO consultants that are not based near to them in a major town or city. Location should no longer be important – rather how they can achieve results. One of our largest clients is actually based in Australia and regular face to face meetings are arranged to suit his timetable.

A premier SEO consultant will be able to talk you through the process that they will use in order to get you where you want to go. Beware of companies who go for the hard sell. The SEO consultant should demonstrate his knowledge about the various changes they will be making on your website in order to increase its Google ranking. For a site to rank well on Google or other search engines many, many hours of work are needed. This is the difference between the premier SEO consultant companies and their competitors. Always the focus should be on quality rather than a shortcut to success.

A telltale sign of an SEO consultancy company that is just after your digital marketing budget is when the company starts talking to you about the importance of back-links. If they mention ‘what a tried and trusted method’ they have been proven to be, walk away!

Backlinks were a popular method for boosting your Google rankings over a short period of time. For many years that was all that SEO companies had to do in order to get their customers to Page 1.The more backlinks you had the higher your company ranked. While they do still make a small contribution to your page ranking, with the present Google Algorithm its down to only 8% of the overall ranking. That is not going to get you ranked and if your SEO campaign is made up entirely of backlinks, Google will actually punish your ranking.

White Hat methods are those that require quality content where Google will reward you for it.

What are these methods? Contact us for a free SEO Consultancy with no obligation on your part to take it any further.

At the very least you will have a better idea on what you need to be trying, in order to improve your rankings.

Best case scenario, you will enter into a contract with us that will probably save on your digital marketing budget. In addition to achieving a much greater online presence, generating leads, sales and growing your business.

Worse case scenario – there isn’t one. If we don’t feel we can make a significant difference we will tell you straight out.