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Pay Per Click to get Google working for you

adwords logo websiteWhen people want something, they perform a Google search. Fact. Google AdWords can get your site to the top of the results for that search. Fact.

Running an effective Google AdWords campaign can therefore be an extremely powerful way of attracting more traffic to your site, leading to increased inquiries and sales. But you need the know-how to get those results, as otherwise you could be throwing money away for little or no return. That’s where we come in.

How we’ll manage your Google AdWords campaign

We will use our digital marketing expertise to ensure that your website gets maximum return on investment by tailoring your Google Adwords campaign according to four main criteria:


Relevance: Diligent keyword research is essential to Google Adwords success. So is making sure your website is optimised in terms of user experience and engagement for those search terms. This can get you better results than competitors with higher budgets. For example, if you’re bidding €5 per day for the keywords ‘Dublin computers’ and a rival is bidding €20, they won’t necessarily come out on top. Your site could take the higher spot if Google judges that it is more relevant than the other one, or if it has had a higher click-through rate in the past.


Measurability: Every single aspect of your Google AdWords campaign is measurable, such as number of clicks, number of impressions, click-through rate, number of conversions, cost per click, etc. We will monitor all these metrics, report back to you regularly, and take appropriate action to improve your campaign performance.


Cost Effectiveness: Another beauty of Google AdWords is that it can be extremely cost-effective. You only pay when somebody clicks on your ad, and you can decide exactly how much you want to spend per day. We will advise on the appropriate amounts for each campaign, based on factors such as overall competitiveness and potential market reach, and ensure you get best value for your money.


Targeting: We will also ensure that your Google AdWords campaign is correctly targeted to your desired audience, according to geographic and other demographic tools available within AdWords.

So set Google AdWords to work

If you would like to explore the potential of Google AdWords for your company, just call us or use our Contact Us form to get in touch. We’ll look at your options and devise the campaign of maximum benefit. Together we’ll harness its power.

Get us working on your Pay Per Click Marketing today.