Our 1-2-3 plan for making your website design easy for you

We’ve written here before about how a question we’re always asked by prospective new clients is ‘how much will a website cost me?’ We also make your new Website Design easy for you.

There are two other questions we always get too:

  • How much work will I have to do myself?
  • How long will the build take before my site goes live?

The answers are:

  • A lot less than you think, and,
  • Quicker than you think.

The bottom line is that if you’re eager to have a website built or re-built, but have been hesitating because you’re afraid it will take too much of your time and draw you away from your business for too long, then don’t be afraid any more.

Easy as 123

Our 1-2-3 plan

Partner with us for your website design needs, and you can quickly and easily have an expertly-built and fully responsive site working for you online.

We won’t bombard you with questions or demand every minute of your day during the build. Instead, all we ask is:

  1. Make some time to speak to our copywriter. This could be as little as 20 to 30 minutes for a basic brochure site, and generally no more than half a day for even the largest and most complex site.
  2. Then make just a little more time to review the draft content that follows. It will already be keyword-optimised and SEO-friendly, and reflect the company image you wish to portray. We just need you to check all is okay, or tell us what we’re missing or what we need to remove.
  3. Send us your company logo and whatever other images, video, etc., that you have and which are needed for the site.

And that’s it! We’ll take it from there. Yes, we may have to check in with you from time to time for clarification on certain matters, but this will only be as the need arises, and at a time to suit you.

Within days, you’ll have access to a development version of your site, for you to review and request whatever changes necessary. We don’t expect to get everything absolutely right the first time, so we can to and fro on this as much as necessary, for as long as we need. But the hard work will already have been done according to your instructions, so all we’re asking for here is help with the fine tuning.

Then, once you’re happy and give us your hosting details, we’ll put your site live and watch it start to work for you.

‘We’d have done it ages ago!’

This is where we say ‘don’t just take our word for it…’. But don’t.

Instead, consider the experiences and comments of two of our most recent clients, Momentum Healthcare in Kilkenny and Purcell & Kennedy Solicitors in Waterford.

Momentum Healthcare are leading suppliers of wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and other therapy devices. An existing website needed a complete overhaul, to showcase more than 40 different mobility solutions, include a busy news & blog section, and generally portray the Momentum Healthcare message of how they allow people with disabilities lead as full and active a life as possible.

They’d been thinking about it for a long time. Then they came to us, and we gave them a site that not only met but even exceeded their expectations in just a couple of weeks. As Aisling Carroll, company director, said to us: ‘I wish we’d known it was going to be this easy on us. We’d have done it ages ago!’

A 48-hour turnaround

Then there was Purcell & Kennedy Solicitors in Waterford. They wanted a basic brochure website and had been considering it for a long time, but never managed to find time to write the content or source other material for it. Then they came to us – and we made it as easy as could be for them, as we went from start to finish in less than 48 hours.

Our senior copywriter spoke to a company representative for approximately 30 minutes on a Monday morning. He composed the text content that afternoon, sent it for client review, and got it back on Tuesday morning with only minor changes. Then it went to our senior developer, who also took the company logo and some images supplied, sourced some other images, and had the site ready to go ‘live’ by Wednesday lunchtime. So,

  • Total time the client had to give: less than an hour
  • Total time from start to finish: less than 48 hours

Get going with your site today

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