How Many Backlinks Per Day

How Many Backlinks Per Day

A lot of people who are working on their SEO will use back links. The most common question is how many backlinks per day.

There is a lot of dispute amongst the SEO Community about what the right number is but in our experience it is about 4-5 new backlinks per day.

Anything above that can be seen as suspicious by Google, particularly if you have gone from no backlinks to 1000’s of links in a short timeframe.

If you are offered a package that provides hundreds or thousands of backlinks per month, then be very careful. These packages can do a lot of damage that will be very expensive to repair when it goes wrong.

What are Backlinks?

These are links from external websites linking to your website.

The theory behind this is that these back links will increase your domain authority and will help improve your overall SEO results.

How do you create Backlinks?

There are multiple suppliers of software to help you create and manage your backlinks.

However, the vast majority of business owners will outsource this work to an agency.

This is for two reasons, the first being it can be very time consuming, and the second being that some of these software packages cost a LOT of money and there simply will not be a Return in Investment for smaller businesses.

Are all Backlinks Good?

No, backlinks are only good if they come from credible websites. A lot of backlinks supplied on the market are bad links known as “Toxic Links”.

These backlinks over time will get you blacklisted by Google so that your website is removed from the search engine results.

Does Every Website need Backlinks?

No, in fact in our experience 90% of websites do not need backlinks at all. We have successfully ranked hundreds of local businesses at the top of Google with no backlinks at all.

As a guideline, unless you are in an extremely competitive market, if you are a local business who only wants to rank locally then you will not need backlinks.

If you want to rank nationally or internationally then you will probably need a link-building strategy.

Where Can I Get Good Backlinks?

We now offer link building packages to clients who need them. For 15 years we did not supply this service as we could not find a supplier who could find a provider who could deliver a quality service that delivered a Return in Investment.

We now have an exclusive partnership in Ireland and the UK with what we consider to be one of the best link building companies in the world.

How Can I see if I need Backlinks?

Contact Us and one of SEO Consultants will look at your website, your online market and guide you as to what SEO solution is best for your business in your marketplace.

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