Hiring From The World Wide Market

Worldwide Market

Web Design, SEO Consultation and Digital Marketing are well known to be outsourced to the world wide market and it’s common enough for a company from India or China to keep your online presence up to date and on page 1 of Google.

Some IT managers know that most Web Design and SEO companies are going to outsource to a Middle East or Asian country. This is taken as a given in this day and age. In fact a company that does all its own work in-house can be perceived as ‘outdated’. They ignore the fact that the quality of the work is way above what most other outsourcing companies supply.

The reason you would be better off with companies whom do their own work is that they are prepared to make promises and make guarantees on the quality of their work. If I bought one of your products I would expect a guarantee. Why can’t you expect the same from a web design and digital marketing company.

Some Irish Web Design and Digital Marketing companies are gradually moving into the UK market. This is great news for UK Business’s who are planning to build an online presence with a new website or a social media strategy. Competition is good for both the price and the quality being offered in the market place.

What about the distance? If I have a problem what can you do about it way when you are based in Ireland? The answer is that no matter which company you choose, if something goes wrong you’re going to call them on the phone. If you need to talk to a company face to face a Video Conference can be set up and will actually takes less time than a physical meeting as there is no travel involved. Of course regular face to face meetings can be set up, but 95% of client engagement should be either by phone or video conferencing.

Finally what should you be looking for when choosing a company to handle your online presence? The answer is that you need a young vibrant company that has a proven track record in several online fields so no matter what services your company needs, they can be catered for. The problem with some companies is that if they are cheap they are normally not particularly good. There are of course exceptions to every rule but finding that out can be costly.

It doesn’t matter where a company is in the world now. Every day the world shrinks a little as the world gets more and more online. A large part of Apple’s production is in China and Korea. If a large multi-national outsources abroad then you know it makes sense for you as well!