Hello! Is It Me You’re Looking For? If it is, here is 10 Questions to ask your Social Media Consultant

Romance and Social Media! Now there is two terms I thought I would never put into an analogy! Think about it, Social Media and Romance go hand in hand (Excuse the pun). Firstly both are an enigma, we can see it and we can feel it but don’t understand why it’s there or how to express ourselves.

With Social Media like a Romantic Relationship there are high points, bumps in the road, a roller coaster of emotions, patience etc.

But by being able to overcome all of these hurdles create a long term loyalty to each other and makes a relationship strong. Much like a romantic relationship Social Media requires a patient long-term investment of time, thought and effort.

Before you embark on this long term Social Media Marketing journey, ask yourself and your Social Media Consultant the following 10 questions:

10 Questions to ask your Social Media Consultant

1. I think Social Media is immature, why should I use Social Media to market my business/product/service/brand?

Social Media is a relatively new phenomenon. For businesses it’s a new platform to market their brands to a wide or mass audience. Remember Social Media is full of real time interactions between people despite the quality and maturity of their interactions. Therefore it’s a powerful platform to acquire new customers and build long-term relationships through targeted content.

2.How do I create conversations without constantly promoting my business? Social Media is in a word ‘Social’!

People don’t want to be constantly advertised to. It’s a major turn off! It’s important to tailor your content on a personal level so your online community can relate to and engage with you.

3. How do I build my Brand on Social Media?

Many Social Media gurus will focus on social media management like posting and tweeting content frequently that sometimes can be unrelated to your brand. What everyone forgets that Social Media is another Marketing medium like TV, Radio, Billboards etc. It’s about looking at your brand positioning and we will examine how that can harnessed on Social Media.

4.I don’t have time to put the effort into Social Media Marketing, how do I make time for it?

Social Media should be treated like all marketing efforts. You will find the time to work on PR, advertising on radio and TV. But remember this is the one marketing medium that brings you closer to your customer therefore the time and effort put in will pay dividends. We will advise you content generation, when’s the best time to post, how to schedule content and the best tools to use to keep track of your Social Media Marketing.

5.My business isn’t suited to the casual style of Social Media, how do I find my voice?

It’s natural that certain businesses aren’t suited to casualness of Social Media. The main object of building your brand on Social Media is to forge long term relationships. We will examine your brand position and design a content strategy that will find ‘Your Voice’ on Social Media.

6.There are so many Social Media sites! Which one suits me?

Yes it can be head wrecking trying to figure out what Social Media platform suits you. Most sites are niche and have a low user base. We will advise you on what is the best Social Media sites to use i.e. if your B2C usually Facebook and Twitter are a starting point. Or if you’re in the Fashion industry Pinterest is an ideal as part of your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

7.How do I measure the success of my Social Media Marketing Strategy?

With Social Media it’s not always clear how to measure success. However we have a range of metrics and we set goals to help you achieve Social Media Marketing success and deliver results. We will measure engagement, how to build online communities and turn them into customers. Remember a long-term relationship with a fan/follower on Social Media will create loyalty.

8.What types of content engage people?

Content that engages people on Social Media is worthless if you don’t build a personality. People want to relate to you and trust you. Tactics like blogging opens up your business to customers online and they can get a taste of your brand attitude.  We will develop tactics that will get people talking and ensure that you will have people coming back for more!!

9.How do I build communities on Social Media?

Ok this part is not easy! But like all relationships it takes time and effort but it’s worth it! Successful and engaged communities will deliver in spades! We will develop a Strategy to grow your online community through paid advertisement and organic growth through content that will engage.

10.Can you show me a Portfolio of your work?

Certainly we can show you what work we have carried out, strategies devised and Case Studies.

Remember Social Media as I mentioned from the start, is like embarking on a romantic relationship. It’s not always about flowers, poems and chocolates. All great relationships are built on trust, effort, honesty and your customers will loved to be loved! On Social Media just be yourself and enjoy the moment! I am partial to a box of chocolates though.