Don’t waste your Digital Marketing Budget

don't waste your digital marketing budget

Don’t waste your Digital Marketing Budget

A recent report into the Digital Marketing landscape in Ireland and the UK shows that companies are spending up to 40% of their budgets on a tactic that just doesn’t work.

It’s the digital equivalent of leaving a shop after just browsing, and then having a persistent (and annoying) salesperson follow you down the street, wailing ‘why didn’t you buy anything? Oh please, won’t you come back and buy something? Please come see us again. We’ve got lovely things for you. Please come look at them. Oh come on, come on, come back to our shop. Please come buy something. We’d love you to buy something.’

We’re talking about online display advertising – i.e. paying to have a banner advert appear in selected spots on other sites that the user browses to. And specifically, we’re talking about re-marketing advertising – where your advert appears mainly to people who have already spent time on your own site.

The logic may seem sound. Somebody visits your site, leaves it without taking your desired action, and should then return to it if they get a reminder of it somewhere else, in the form of a display ad.

But it doesn’t work that way. The study we mention above found that despite how companies are spending up to 38% of their budgets on display advertising, it accounted for only 0.2% of subsequent revenues. Even Yahoo organic searches outperformed it by a factor five – and when was the last time you heard of anybody using Yahoo?

Absolute, total, 100% waste of your Digital Marketing Budget

Furthermore, another report showed that 46% of display ads in Ireland and the UK are never even seen. That means that the money spent on them is an absolute, total, 100% waste.

There are several reasons why ads might not be seen, with most common ones being:

  • The ad is placed ‘below the fold’ of the page, and the user doesn’t scroll that far
  • An ad is slow to load and a user clicks away before it appears
  • An ad blocker is being used
  • The user minimises the web browser
  • The user opens and uses another browser tab

Whatever the reason, the result is the same, as the advert simply generates no return.

Better Digital Marketing options

We don’t even offer display advertising as a Digital Marketing method, because we’re so convinced of just how ineffective it really is. Instead, we will offer you a variety of far better options.

They include content marketing, pay per click marketing, social media marketing, and good old e-mail marketing – still the method with the highest rates of engagement and return.

And king of them all is SEO. Don’t listen to those who try tell you it’s not as important as it used to be, because of the power of AdWords. Yes, AdWords can get you to the very top of the pile all right, but it can be a costly business, and in any case, people still trust the organic results more than the ones who have paid to be there.

New World Digital will work with you to determine the best Digital Marketing strategy and methods for your company. Whether that’s an entire new website design or major overhaul of an existing site, or simply a monthly content marketing, Digital Marketing, and/or SEO Package to help you get the most of your current site, we’ll do what’s best for you, at the right price for you too.

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