Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing across the key channels for you

Social media marketing is where it’s at – for both business and pleasure.

For business, a recent report shows that online revenues from social media channels have almost trebled in the past three years. For pleasure, it’s where your customers are hanging out online each day, interacting with each other, so it’s vital that your brand interacts there too.

With so much activity going on through social media, you can tap into an enormous pool of customers by properly managing your social media presence – and we can help you do that.

How we get social for you

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If your social media channels are not optimised – or even if they don’t exist at all – we’ll look after that for you.

We will:

  • Determine which social media channels will be most beneficial for you.
  • Set up or optimise your presence on those channels.
  • Suggest content, promotions, etc., to build your following.
  • Integrate your social media presence with other elements of your content marketing
  • Help you convert your audience into active customers.

Our SEO services already include a social media element, as social media is great way of boosting traffic to your site and giving it a lift in the rankings. There’s another wise reason to choose us as your all-round digital marketing agency.

You must be social too

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You’ll have a part to play in your social media strategy too.

We believe social media is all about user engagement. That means conversations need to be two-way, between your business and your customers. And nobody knows your business better than you.

For example, we can post about a promotion or competition, but if somebody has a question on it, we can’t answer them unless you’ve already given us the info required. So we’ll ask that you manage your accounts together with us, in a close working partnership.

Also, you’ll have far greater posting potential than we will. We won’t know, for example, that something funny happened at work today that your customers will get a kick from, or that a popular staff member is getting married, or that a local sports team has a big match coming up and you want to wish them luck.

We’ll look after the bigger picture – you look after the finer details – and together, we’ll make your social media presence soar.

So let’s all get social!

Start reaping the benefits of being social today.

Just contact us to see what we can help you achieve.