PR Marketing

PR Marketing

We’re here to harness the full power of digital marketing for you. However, we can do things in a traditional way too, with PR marketing.

Because while we know the wonders of web design, the strength of SEO, and the potential of PPC, we know too that a well-crafted and cleverly-timed press release or pitch to traditional print and broadcast media can also bring a great return.

Column inches and/or minutes of airtime are great ways to get your brand before a great audience. We can help you get them.

Traditional PR to complement your Digital Marketing strategy

Once you partner with us for digital marketing, we can look for ways to complement it in the traditional media.

Maybe you’ve already considered this, or maybe it will be an unexpected bonus. Either way, it will save you from engaging a second agency when you start thinking the traditional way too.

We know more than most about how the traditional media works. Our senior copywriter spent almost 20 years on the newsdesk of Ireland’s largest newspaper groups, as reporter, columnist, and news editor. He contributed regularly to national magazines, and to radio and TV programmes too.

He knows what reporters, editors, and producers are looking for, and how to give it to them correctly.

In contrast, many staff in dedicated PR agencies have never worked even a day in a newsroom. That means they can only give what they think a newsroom wants – and that’s usually a very different thing.

What PR agencies don’t tell you – or maybe don’t even know

Most typical press releases are either ignored, or else just glanced at and dumped. Fact.

That’s because the PR agencies responsible use a scattergun ‘bang, bang, bang’ approach. They send a generic piece to everybody on their mailing list, without tailoring it to their publication, field of expertise, or even geographical area. They may have won their client’s business by saying ‘we’ll send your material to 200 people’. What they haven’t said is that 180 or more of them are in newsrooms that simply won’t be interested.

And of the other twenty, maybe five or more work for the same publication or programme anyway, so only one of them will be able to use it.

It’s far better to hand-pick the journalists, editors, and producers most likely to be interested, and then deliver them something crafted especially for them. They may not hear from you as often, but they know that when they do, it’ll be something done with them in mind, and something they can use.

And that’s the way we’ll do it.

We’ll consult with you to identify the most appropriate publications or programmes for your material. We’ll identify the appropriate people to contact there, and we’ll deliver them a pitch or a piece most likely to pique their interest. That way, we’ll be confident of earning you those inches or airtime.

What we don’t do

There are some services offered by traditional PR agencies that we just don’t do.

We don’t organise C-list celebrities to attend product launches or other events. We don’t arrange endorsements by these same celebrities. And we don’t co-ordinate the sending of samples or gift baskets that end up costing you a fortune as you hunt for ‘free’ publicity.

Instead, what we do – and do well – is deliver your press release and/or pitch to the place it’s most likely to be used, and in the way it’s most likely to be used.

We think that’s still a pretty good promise. When you work with us, you’ll see how we can keep it.

Simply contact us today to get started!