Market Research

Market Research

Market Research to formulate the best plan for you

Market research is where it all starts when we first team up with you. We find the people who are searching in your online space, and we find the best way of delivering them to you.

It’s all geared at the three targets were all want to hit:

  • Turning searchers into visitors.
  • Turning visitors into leads.
  • Converting those leads into customers.

By understanding who those searchers are, and by determining their online behaviour, we hit those bullseyes. Every time.

Our first step will surprise you

market research customers

That’s because first… we forget about Google. But only for a little while.

We instead think ourselves about who your potential customers are. Are we talking B2B or B2C here? If it’s B2B, how widely used are your products or services within the industry? For example, do you have a niche product that’s very specific to one field? Or do you deal with businesses at large, by maybe offering photocopiers or accounting services?

If it’s B2C, how does your online marketplace break down in terms of age, gender, spending power, etc.? Again, what are the factors that will convince them that you’re the one they want to spend to money with? And how do we get your online presence in front of them in the first place?

Then, once we’ve got a picture of your potential customers in mind, we get back to our old friend. Google.

The best Market Research tools for the job

Yes, Google is our friend here all right. Google Analytics, to see what’s happening on your current site. Keyword Planner, for keyword research and to make sure we’re targeting the correct search terms. Even just the search engine itself, to see who’s ranking higher for the terms we’re targeting.

But we use various other tools too, to build a full profile of your potential customers. These include social media metrics and other elements of a cross-channel strategy, and analysis tools for use on your competitors’ websites.

Then we formulate your plan

Once we have as full a picture as possible of your audience, and what’s already reaching them, we get to work on a strategy for you to reach them too – with maximum effect.

market research strategy icon 2

  • We’ll tell you the keywords we need to target, and what we have to do to rank highly for them.
  • We’ll tell you the type of content we need to engage visitors once they find your site, and make them want to buy, book, or talk more.
  • Then we’ll produce that content once we get the details from you, and deliver you a stunning website design to showcase it.
  • We’ll advise on how you can complement your website with the best combination of SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, and e-mail Marketing for your particular sphere.
  • We’ll help deliver those other elements of your cross-channel strategy too.

Crucially, we’ll review your Market Research and Digital Marketing plan regularly, and revise it if necessary. What works today may not work tomorrow, due to the changing online landscape, customer behaviour, and other external forces.

Partner with us, and you won’t get a plan just for today – you’ll get a plan that works in the future too.

Contact us to let us start delivering that for you.