E-mail Marketing

e-mail marketing

e-mail marketing: the highest response rate of all Digital Marketing methods

Think ‘Digital Marketing methods’, and you might first of all think of SEOGoogle Adwords and Social Media Marketing.

There’s no doubt that they’re exceptionally powerful tools when managed correctly. However, neither comes close to touching the response rate of the method that’s most tried and tested of all. Best of all, it’s one which in most cases is absolutely free to use.

We’re talking about e-mail marketing. And we’re masters at it. e-mail might seem like yesterday’s news, but we’ve shown businesses just like yours how effective it can be, time and time again.

Why e-mail marketing is so effective

Here are three of the main reasons why e-mail marketing is still so effective, time and time again:


e-mail is personal: If you’re on social media like Facebook, you’re basically in a public space. Trying to get your message heard can be a bit like shouting on a crowded street. But e-mail, on the other hand, is where we connect personally with people. Getting your message heard there is like having a chat with a friend.


e-mail is universal: Absolutely every potential online customer uses e-mail. Some use it more than others, and some mightn’t particularly like it – especially at 5 p.m. on a Friday when they’re trying to get out for the weekend! However, they all check it regularly: every day, every hour, or every few minutes. On the other hand, they could go days without going on to social media, or maybe they don’t use it at all. That means that e-mail marketing is by far the most effective way of getting your message in front of these people.


e-mail is detail: This is the big one. With an e-mail marketing campaign, you play by your own rules – not Facebook’s or Google’s. You can include as much detail as you want, in the way you want to. That’s what really hooks the customers, and converts their interest into sales. We’ll get the content, length, and tones of your e-mails right for you.

How we get your e-mail campaigns right

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  • An expert copywriter will talk through the proposed content of your e-mail with you. We will identify and prioritise its key points: any special offer, new product or service offered, etc.
  • We craft succinct content for your newsletter to draw attention to these key points. Then we point the reader to the full details on your website, where making a purchase or a product inquiry is just one more click away.
  • We write an attention-grabbing subject line for your e-mail. This will make people want to open your mail and read its content.

We consistently achieve e-mail open rates and click-through rates that are higher than the industry average across sectors including Retail, Travel & Transportation, Beauty & Personal Care, eCommerce, and more. We can get you that level of engagement too, to deliver you more inquiries, more customers, and more sales.

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