Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing for YOUR marketing message

You’ve heard it said already: content is king. It’s already been said so much, that it’s now become a cliché. But remember this: clichés only become clichés because they’re true.

The simple fact is that without great content, your Digital Marketing will go nowhere. That’s why content marketing is crucial. We’re masters at it.

The Three-Step Approach to Content Marketing

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There are three steps to effective content marketing, whether it’s with your Website Design, e-mail marketing, or social media marketing. They are:

  • Hook the reader with a headline and opening paragraph that makes them want to read more.
  • Engage them then with informative content that makes them want to read more and has them become more interested in your products or services.
  • Change their behaviour when they finish reading. They may have intended to just browse away again, but if your content has done its job, they’ll instead click that button for ‘more info’, ‘get in touch’, or ‘buy now’.

To get that result, your content really needs to sing. Excuse us while we loosen our vocal chords…

Devising your Content Marketing Strategy

So, let’s talk about your content marketing strategy. That’s where we identify and produce the topical, relevant, and unique quality content that will engage the visitors to your site drive new customers to your business.

If we’re building you a new Website Design and listing various products, for example, we don’t just copy and paste the same generic details from the brochure as everybody else. Instead, we use those details as a starting point for writing fresh content about each product and its features and benefits.

If your site is already built and we’re instead talking about blogging, e-mail marketing, or social media marketing, we’ll also produce regular new and unique content.

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Here’s how we do it:

  • Talking to the business owner/manager/other appropriate personnel.
  • Alternatively, researching relevant and topical issues online.
  • Identifying the search traffic levels for those issues.
  • Agreeing a brief for new content, and working it through to approval.
  • Publishing, and sharing through other channels.
  • Analytics reporting afterwards.

We learn something new with each piece of content we create. If it flies well, we know it works, and we do it again. If it’s disappointing, we know something has to change, and we work to identify what that is. But every single time, we produce, analyse, learn… and improve.

We’ve already passed an important Content Marketing test

Oh yes, we have. How? By the very fact that you’re still here, still reading. We’ve engaged you enough to lead you through 450 words so far, and make you want to hit that ‘Contact Us’ button you see. Now imagine us doing the same with your customers, to make them want to hit those buttons on your site.

So go on. Hit this button. Let’s talk more about what we can do for you.