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Website Design – Select Flooring

select flooring website design

The background

Select Flooring is the newest wing of The Select Group – valued clients of ours who also comprise Select Roofing, Select Access, and Lightning Protection Ireland.

We built and maintain all those other sites. It was therefore only natural they should ask us to do the same for their latest venture. We were happy to get to work for them once again.

What we did

As this was a new venture for The Select Group, we first performed intensive online market research. We identified relevant keywords and levels of search traffic for each of their services, and drafted a website structure to best suit our findings. Some adjustments took place in consultation with the client, but generally they were happy to leave this element of the project to ourselves, thanks to the fine job we had already done on their other sites.

With the plan in place, our senior copywriter got to work. He liaised with company management to not only get details for each service and type of flooring provided, but also to capture the essence of the company’s marketing message.

He then crafted text content according to best SEO practice, and delivered it to the client for approval.

From there, it was on to the build itself.


The website design and build

As with other recent projects for The Select Group, the actual website design was relatively straightforward here. That’s because it had been decided in advance that it should match the style and design of the group’s other existing sites. Our designer expertly made the material fit that design, to the client’s 100% satisfaction.

We gave the back end of the site all our customary SEO attention as the build progressed too. This included writing metadescriptions according to new Google parameters, and optimising images too.

Our SEO work is continuing as part of a monthly digital marketing package.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can see the results of our work at

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Website Design – Redwing Engineering

redwing engineering website design

The background

Our latest website design Kilkenny project is for Redwing Engineering a sister company of Kavanagh Engineering in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny, who were valued existing clients. We had already built three websites for Kavanagh Engineering: their main group site,, and

When the time came for a re-build of an existing Redwing Engineering site, they had just one partner in mind. That was us. We were both proud and pleased that they came to us again. We set out to do just as good a job on this site as the others.

What we did

First up was a thorough audit of the existing site. We also got up-to-date information on the company and how it had evolved since that site was built.

We removed obsolete information and crafted new content for Redwing’s current range of products. Our senior copywriter took source material from company and supplier brochures, and transformed it into SEO-friendly text for online use. We also sourced and optimised a large number of product images.

Our customary online market research was another key component of the planning process.

We advised on likely traffic levels and conversion rates, to give the client as accurate a prediction as possible on what to expect from the completed site.

The website design and build

The client wanted a site that was somewhat similar in appearance to the existing one, but with a ‘warmer’ feel. Our senior designer achieved this through measures such as careful colour scheme selection, and a selection of home page sliders that are both inviting and informative.

Other ‘user-friendly’ measures included a clear funnel structure on the home page, and clear calls to action at key locations. We attractively laid out internal pages with sub-headings, image galleries, and bullet points, to break up what was rather technical text in some places.

The result was a site that was easy to navigate and that was soon generating leads for our clients. They were delighted with what we produced, and look forward to continuing to work with us into the future. We look forward to working with them too!

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can see the results of our work at

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Website Design – Lightning Protection Ireland

Lightning Protection Ireland

The background

In just three years since foundation, Lightning Protection Ireland has become one of Ireland’s leading lightning protection systems providers. Clients include such well-known names as Microsoft, eBay, Dublin Airport Authority, and Trinity College Dublin.

A website we built at the time of the company’s launch in 2014 no longer fully portrayed their expertise and experience. In addition, the site did not match the corporate branding of the website we had built since then for their parent company, Select Roofing. They opted for a complete re-redesign – and we were happy to oblige.

What we did

We reviewed the menu structure and pages content of the original website. We then drew up a plan for how both could be improved.

The client liaised with us in terms of crafting new content. This would have to many technical terms and concepts in a manner that could be understood by non-engineering staff. We also gathered details and photographs of more than 20 projects already completed by the client. This was to allow us add a new portfolio section.

Once all the content was good to go, we moved on to the website design and build.

The website design and build

The client wanted us to base the design of this site on the website of Select Roofing, the parent company of Lightning Protection Ireland. This made the build relatively straightforward. Both client and designer already had a definite vision of how the completed site should look.

We build the front end of the site exactly as requested. We gave the back end all our trademark SEO attention as the build progressed too. This allowed the new site to hold its number one ranking on Google for search terms such as ‘lightning conductors Ireland’, ‘lightning rods Ireland’, and ‘lightning systems Ireland’.

The client was happy with both the site and its rankings – and you can’t say better than that!

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can see the results of our work at Lightning Protection Ireland

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Website Design – English Language Ireland

English Language Ireland

The background

English Language Ireland is an English language school in Carlow, delivering lessons to students from across the world.

English Language Ireland prides itself on its location and activities as well as its high standard of tuition. However, an existing website was not properly portraying these aspects of the school. Other issues were that it was complex to navigate, and did not rank highly for key search terms. They called us in to help.

What we did

We first spoke with the client to learn all about the business and its USPs. We then conducted extensive online market research, and identified the key areas and size of the potential market.

At a further meeting with the clients, we advised English Language Ireland of our findings. Together, we devised a digital marketing and content marketing strategy, and we then got to work on content.

Our copywriter created SEO-optimised text regarding general aspects of the school. He also compiled details of all courses offered in a consistent manner, so website users could easily compare one with another before deciding what was best for them.

Once all content was agreed, our design and development team got to work.

The website design and build

Key to this build was coming up with a more user-friendly website design, where everything could be found easily.

Our designer achieved this with a clever combination of text and graphic menus. He also used sidebar menus on several internal pages, to allow continuous easy navigation.

He presented details of all courses in a easy-to-read table form on their respective pages. The site also features strategic use of attractive images.

At the back end, we carried out extensive SEO work. The result was that immediately upon going live, the new site ranked on Page 1 of Google for search terms including:

  • English classes in Ireland
  • Learn English in Ireland
  • English schools in Ireland

All in all, another successful build!

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can see the results of our work at English Language Ireland

Website Design Ireland – Complete Vehicle Solutions

Complete Vehicle Solutions

The background

This project was an extensive re-build of the website of an existing client, Complete Vehicle Solutions.

Complete Vehicle Solutions are a unique service provider in meeting commercial transport needs in Ireland. Based in Dublin they are the only operator who will source and supply a client with a van or truck, fit it out exactly as required with shelving and/or refrigeration units, and provide a range of finance options including contract hire, leasing, and outright purchase.

The business was established only in 2016, with a basic ‘start-up’ website. It enjoyed phenomenal growth in its first year – so much so, that the client returned to us for a more comprehensive and ‘professional’ website. We were happy to oblige.

What we did

We engaged with the client to learn how the business had grown since we built the original site. We conducted further market research to help formulate an SEO strategy, and we agreed this with the client.

Our senior copywriter then produced updated text content for the site, and we sourced images from both the client and selected partners.

Once we agreed the content and outline plan with the client, our design team got to work.

The website design and build

We got rid of the old ‘basic’ look, and introduced e a far sleeker and more corporate website design.

A key feature of the home page is strategic placing of dynamic graphics and links, to lead the user to content reflecting the key elements of the client’s business. Text snippets on the home page reinforce how Complete Vehicle Solutions is unique, and the benefits of dealing with them. We also strategically used of the logos of major clients, and of the makes of vans/trucks supplied.

We laid out internal pages in an equally attractive and strategic manner. We interspersed text content with images, headings, and bullet points, for a better user experience. A common sidebar and ‘floating’ head means all links are in easy reach at all times. We included clear calls to action, and easy means to access the contact form.

Our client was delighted with the results. You can see why by viewing the finished site here.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can see the finished site at

Website Design UK – A Sparkle Party

A Sparkle Party

The background

A Sparkle Party is an entertainment provider for children’s birthday parties and similar events. They are based in Sutton in the UK and they serve the greater Surrey area.

A Sparkle Party deliver colourful fun-filled parties, tailor-made for each child, but an existing website did not properly portray that. Instead, it suffered from poor design, and generally looked stale. Its other major issue was that it did not rank highly for any key search terms. They asked us to help.

What we did

We performed our customary market research to analyse the size of the potential market. In consultation with the client, and bearing in mind the current size of the operation, we determined to concentrate mainly on the Sutton area for SEO purposes, rather than broadening it to all of Surrey or Greater London.

We then re-wrote all content on the older site according to best SEO practice, while still making it attractive to parents and children alike. The client approved the new content, and we then moved on to the build itself.

The Website Design and build

Visual aesthetics are particularly important in any website with children in mind, so we paid great attention to making the site look as attractive as possible.

We supplemented photos from the client with stock photos of favourite children’s TV, film, and storybook characters for A Sparkle Party. We also sourced other imagery to add to the overall look.

Then we built the site so that it easy to navigate. We give all info needed on any particular party option on that particular page, to save the user from having to browse between pages to get all the detail they require. And as with all our website designs, it is fully responsive for smaller screens such as phones and tablets.

We also carried out extensive SEO work on each page and image. The result was that immediately after re-launch, ranked in the top 5 of for search terms including ‘children’s parties Sutton’, ‘birthday parties Sutton’, and ‘princess parties Sutton’.

Our client was delighted with the new site, and customers have given positive feedback to the site too.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can view the finished website at A Sparkle Party

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Website Design – Flexi-Fi


The background

Flexi-Fi is a new financial product for Irish consumers to allow them an easy way to pay for household items and other selected goods.

It is offered by the international FlexiGroup Ltd., who are headquartered in Australia and have offices in Dublin, and who already provided Irish consumers with a FlexiRent option for obtaining new goods.

We built and maintain their FlexiRent site, and enjoy a good relationship with the entire FlexiGroup Ireland team, so it was only natural that they would also ask to build their new site. We were happy to oblige.

What we did

We held discussions with the client to obtain all relevant information and knowledge about the Flexi-Fi offering and how it would operate, and we then analysed how best to present this online.

We drew up a proposed structure and presented it to the clients, who immediately gave it the go-ahead. The clients also provided us with raw text content for the site.

This needed only minor attention in terms of honing the marketing message and making the process clear to customers. Once the structure and content was agreed, we were good to go.

The website design and build

We built the Flexi-Fi website in the same manner and style as the existing FlexiRent site, albeit with a different colour scheme in order to differentiate the two products.

The site is fully responsive and easy to navigate, and includes a full online portal where consumers can apply for finance and quickly receive a decision.

The site is to be further developed in the future as more Flexi-Fi partners come on board.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can see the finished site at

Website Design – Filippi Ireland

filippi ireland

The background

Filippi boats are the boats of choice for top-class competitive rowers worldwide, including Irish Olympic silver medallists, Gary and Paul O’Donovan. They are also in widespread use in rowing clubs, both in Ireland and internationally.

We approached by the sole Irish agent for Fillipi boats (based in Carlow) because an existing website was not generating a satisfactory number of leads and inquiries for such sought-after products.

The client asked for a complete re-design and re-build, and that’s exactly what we did.

What we did

The specialised nature of the subject meant we could forego our usual diligent market research, and instead rely upon the expert knowledge of the client.

He provided us with detailed information about the target market and his vision for the site. Meanwhile, we identified several back-end problems with the existing site, which pinpointed the reasons why it was not performing as the client would have liked.

We then combined the client’s rowing knowledge with our Website Design and SEO expertise to produce a new site that began performing better from day one after its launch.

The Website Design and build

We first implemented a framework according to the client’s vision, and we then populated it with all relevant details of the various Filippi craft and rowing accessories on offer.

We placed enquiry forms and other calls to action strategically throughout  the site, to maximise the possibility of lead generation through online enquiries. We then performed sufficient SEO measures to have the site immediately ranked at number one in the Google search engine results pages for key terms such as ‘Filippi boats Ireland’, and on page one for broader terms such as ‘racing boats Ireland’ and ‘rowing boats Ireland’.

Within a month, the site was generating an average of five leads per week for the client. The client also enjoyed a high conversion rate from those leads – leaving him absolutely delighted with our work!

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can view the finished website at

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Website Design – Cantec

Cantec Ireland

The background

Cantec are leading suppliers of office printers, managed print services, document management systems, and graphic design and printing services.

Cantec are headquartered in Waterford, and have other locations and personnel nationwide. They already had a large and complex website showcasing all products and services. While it was visually attractive, it did not rank highly, and therefore was not delivering them a satisfactory number of leads and inquiries.

They came to us for help.

What we did

As always, we first had a full discussion with the client, to gain maximum understanding of their business and operations. We also performed a thorough audit of their existing site, to investigate the problems with it, and we discovered there were many. These included that the site was not responsive for smaller screens, and had relatively slow loading times in certain sections.

We also discovered several ‘legacy’ issues with even older forms of a company websites which remained online, so in essence, they were competing with themselves for rankings.

We drew up a detailed action plan, put it to Cantec, and got the go-ahead to get to work.

The website design and build

Most of the text content on the existing site was relatively satisfactory. While some re-writing took place to bring things up to date and to strengthen the marketing message, this project involved less actual copywriting than most.

The bulk of the work was therefore more technical in nature, to achieve the desired results. It included:

  • Code mark-up and optimisation of all media files for speed and performance.
  • Installation of filterable eCommerce catalogue mode functionality, with easy switch to full eCommerce when needed.
  • Implementation of advanced, flexible and filterable portfolio.
  • Delivery of optimised Search Engine framework.
  • Adjustment of website design elements and layout, in close consultation with the client, to achieve their visual appearance requirements without compromising functionality and responsiveness of the site for various browser types and/or screen sizes.
  • Implementation of advanced contact form with conditional fields functionality.
  • Open Graph protocol markup included to increase performance of website pages and posts. within various social media channels, and to increase conversions and click-through rates.

Our clients were highly impressed with our attention to detail and our consultation with them at all stages, and are very pleased with the final result.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can see the finished site at

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