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A real international affair

We’ve just launched a new website that’s a real international affair, as it’s aimed at no less than seven different countries.

It’s for existing clients Pillar Healthcare, the developers of the ground-breaking and all-natural fertility supplement pre-Conceive, and it’s to help them recruit and correspond with volunteer couples for a landmark international clinical study into the benefits of the supplement.

Simply called, the new site explains to couples what pre-Conceive is, how it works, the benefits they stand to gain by participating in the trial, and what to expect if their application is expected.

The site is built to reflect the style of the main Pillar Healthcare site, and it also has extensive back-end database functionality to handle details of all applicants and participants.

The international clinical study has just been launched in  countries including Ireland, the UK, Poland, Iran, and Sudan, and our site is attracting visits in all those places. As we said at the top – it really is an international affair!

Going places with our latest website launch

We’re really going places with our latest website launch –

It’s the new travel insurance wing of one of the largest operators in the insurance industry in Ireland, the City Financial Marketing Group. They already operate other insurance services including,,,, and, and they chose us to set up their new travel insurance site.

It’s a task we were honoured and delighted to get, and we’ve delivered them a streamlined and colourful site that includes a full quotation engine where the user can have a price in just a few clicks for their choice of single trip travel insurance or annual multi-trip insurance, with any add-ons they require such as cruise travel insurance, winter sports insurance, hazardous activities insurance, etc.

We’re also delivering a full digital marketing package to the client, and we look forward to continuing to work with them going forward.

Impressive UK SEO results for a new client

We’ve just compiled our first monthly UK SEO Report for a new client in the UK – and the results are impressive.

Meyer Environmental are Asbestos Survey and Asbestos Removal specialists based in Portsmouth, who cover much of the south coast of England. They came to us for a website redesign and new UK SEO strategy because an existing website wasn’t ranking particularly well in Google UK.

We carried out extensive market research, agreed 94 key search terms with them, and got to work. The new site went live just a few weeks ago – and as our SEO report has just shown, it already ranks on page one for 42 of those search terms, and in the upper reaches of page two for 43 more.

Our clients have already won a number of new contracts directly from the website as a direct result of those rankings – and we’ve won a glowing testimonial from them.

We’re continuing to work on the site and its SEO to achieve even greater things, and we look forward to hitting the number one spot for many of the search terms.

If you are looking for a SEO Company who can get get ranked on Page 1 on Google, please contact us and we would be delighted to help you grow your business online.

Our portfolio continues to ‘Evolv’

We’ve just launched another new website design, this time for the Evolv Health and Wellbeing Store in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.

Evolv is one of Ireland’s largest shops of its type, and it offers a range of complementary and alternative medicine treatments and therapies as well as a huge range of items for sale – everything from nutrition supplements to natural foodstuffs and drinks, as well as a specialist ‘gift shop’ idea.

The owners and operators of Evolv felt that a previous website design, built and maintained by a different agency, did not fully or properly portray all they offer, and so they came to us when they decided it was time to change. We gave them a complete new beginning, with all-new content, a new menu structure, carefully-chosen imagery, and everything else to give them a website that matches the excellence and of the shop itself.

Evolv have also engaged us to carry out a full spectrum of digital marketing techniques as time goes on, including social media marketing and e-mail marketing. We look forward to continuing to work with them.

Dazzling new website launch

We’ve just launched what we consider our most visually dazzling website ever. It’s for CGL Retail Solutions – the new trading name for Carlow Graphics, a long-time partner of New World Digital, and a company we continue to enjoy a successful relationship with.

This really is a website design that has to be seen to appreciate properly, as mere words here can’t do it justice – so check it out here.

Prepare for scrolling and parallax effects that give each page a truly dynamic and fresh feel, and have a look too at the colour scheme and careful selection of imagery to make the entire site as attractive to the eye as possible.

We achieved such design and effects through close work with the client, and we can deliver great things for you too, if you choose to also work with us. Just contact us to get the ball rolling!

First site by a new designer

We’re glad to report that things are busy here at New World Digital these days – and so much so, that we’ve now got a new designer, named Stephen, working with us too.

We’ve just launched the first site Stephen has built for us. It’s for Complete Vehicle Solutions – a unique service for the commercial vehicle sector in Ireland, as it allows people to buy, hire or lease a van, and have it fitted out exactly to their requirements (in terms of either shelving or refrigeration units), all under one roof.

The advantage is that tradesmen, delivery drivers, etc., no longer have to deal with two or more companies when getting a new vehicle on the road.

Complete Vehicle Solutions is a start-up company that’s already going well – just as things are going well for us here in the world of website design and digital marketing. We’re sure things will keep going that way for us both too!

A fishy new site

There’s something fishy about our latest website design launch…because it’s for the River Griese Trout & Salmon Anglers Association.

It’s a stunningly-attractive website for a recently-revived association that maintains 15 miles of fantastic brown trout and salmon fishing on a hidden gem of a river in County Kildare. The colour scheme, images, and other content make you want to just get up now and go fishing!

The website is an example of how we can deliver superior sites to all clubs, organisations, not-for-profits, etc., as well as to businesses seeking to expand their markets online. We give the same attention in terms of content and design to all projects we undertake, so you are always assured of a high-quality result.

Incidentally, the new website has a novel domain name – it’s

Not ‘.com’ or ‘.ie’ or anything else. Just ‘.fish’. So there’s no doubting what the site is about!

e-commerce site to target the UK

Our latest website design and launch is targeting a highly-competitive e-commerce marketplace in the UK.

Macerator pumps for toilets and grey water pumps for dishwashers and washing machines may not be the most glamorous products on earth, but thousands of units are sold online each month in the UK.

It meant that when Saniflo Systems UK – the leading supplier of the leading brand – wanted to boost their web presence and online sales, they wanted a website design and digital marketing agency they could count on – and that’s why they came to us.

We have delivered them a stunningly attractive website that stands far above the competition in terms of user experience and content. Our clients are so impressed that we will soon also be building a website for Saniflo Sales Ireland, while we have also agreed a full digital marketing programme for the months ahead.

You can see the site they’re so happy with on

Working for the local community

Thomastown_Community_NetworkOur latest website launch is a bit of a departure from the norm. It’s not actually concerned with digital marketing at all – instead, it’s to help publicise a new organisation in the historic County Kilkenny town where we’re based.

Thomastown Community Network is a new cross-community group that aims to work for the betterment of Thomastown for everybody in it, through community-based initiatives as well as liaison with statutory bodies and accessing and utilising grant aid. It’s to be officially launched at a public meeting on Tuesday September 27, 2016, and we built the website to publicise the organisation and the meeting ahead of that launch.

The plan is to develop a much more extensive website going forward, to act as a directory for local businesses and attractions as well as publicise the work of Thomastown Community Network itself.

In the meantime, if you’re in or around Thomastown and are reading this in advance of the meeting date, we encourage you to attend. It will be in Thomastown Community Hall on Tuesday September 27, starting at 8 p.m. And if you’re too late for the meeting, think about getting involved anyway – just see the website or e-mail [email protected] for details.