SEO Agency Dublin Top 10 Tips

SEO Agency Dublin Top 10 Tips

Ensuring your business is listed on Google’s first search page: Leading SEO Agency Dublin Top 10 Tips

In 2019, for the first time, companies in Ireland spent more on digital marketing than they did on traditional promotional methods. In many respects, that shift makes perfect sense: whether you’re looking for a French restaurant or a new pair of training shoes, for a second hand car or a holiday destination, the first port of call is usually a Google search. Studies shows that the majority of people do not look beyond the first page of results, and also that many actively ignore links sponsored by Google AdWords. So how do you ensure that your business is listed on Google’s first page and is click friendly?

The answer is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). And if you want the best SEO Agency in Dublin? The answer is New World Digital!

The expert and specialised team at New World Digital have a proven track record in SEO, and can guide you through the complex maze that is search engine optimisation. We have helped hundreds of large and small companies in Dublin, and our client base covers a huge variety of industry sectors. We work closely with our clients to understand their exact business needs, and help to deliver SEO solutions that are perfectly aligned with their goals.

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Need help with a Digital Marketing Strategy?

digital marketing strategy

A new study has found that 36% of Irish businesses still do not have a Digital Marketing Strategy.

The research involved more than 400 business professionals in Ireland. This included business owners, senior management, and marketing staff. The survey was conducted by Springboard PR & Marketing.

Another shocking finding was that 22% of those surveyed could not even say for sure if their company had a defined Digital Marketing Strategy or not. This means that even in some companies who do, it remains a mystery to some key staff. This in turn means it is not being fully utilised, and is therefore not delivering on its potential.

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Is your website secure enough for Google? – The need for HTTPS

website security

Having a secure website is about to become more important than ever. A Google security update for its Chrome browser, that will fully come into force in July 2018, will mean that insecure websites will be flagged as such to visitors who enter information on them.

While you may have seen such warnings before, they’ll soon be a lot more conspicuous. It could be enough to turn people off entering even basic information into your site if it’s not secure. This will affect your business if you’ve got a ‘Contact Us’ form, a ‘Sign Up Here’ form, or any other type of form – and that’s just about every website on the planet.

We’ve put together this FAQ on why it’s happening and what it may mean for you –

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Why New World Digital is the Best SEO Company in Dublin

best seo company in dublin

So, you’re looking for the best SEO company in Dublin. We say that’s us. We know that many others claim to be the best too, but how many of them can also show results like this –


That’s exactly what we’ve achieved so far, and we’re adding to that tally all the more

Best SEO tactics for blog posts

seo tips for blogs best SEO dublin

We’ve told you before how your website’s blog should be a key part of your digital marketing strategy.

It can help position you as a brand leader in your field, and can help to develop better customer relationships. Just as importantly, it can help your website’s SEO.

The best chances of it doing so are if your posts are written according to best SEO practice, so here’s a checklist of  tactics for blog posts:

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The pitfalls of cheap website design

cheap website design

If you’re looking for cheap website design, you don’t have to look very far. A simple Google search will show you umpteen web design companies, making grand promises for just a few hundred euro. So why would you want to pay more?

The simple answer is it’s because you get what you pay for. Those cheap web design companies will build you a website all right, but it won’t be one that will do much for you. To prove that, we’ve conducted an investigation to show just how poor these cheap websites can be.

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Are backlinks good for SEO?


People regularly ask us a certain question: ‘are backlinks good for SEO?’. It is a difficult question to answer. Some backlinks are good, but most are very bad.

The vast majority of backlinks are bad. This is because an SEO Company will actually be outsourcing this overseas, where they will be buying a link building package.

These backlinks are normally from sites that do nothing else but supply links to thousands of others sites around the world. These site have no credibility with Google and receive a negative score. These then become toxic links, which actually harm your performance with Google.

When you think about this, it makes perfect sense. How could an SEO company in Ireland or the UK provide you with an SEO Package that generates say 600 backlinks a month, for maybe as little as €300, if they were doing it in Ireland or the UK?

Each link would take at least 10 minutes to build, so let’s say six links per hour. At that rate, it would take 100 hours per month to deliver. This works out at €3 per hour for the service. As they say – when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

So are backlinks bad for SEO then?

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The benefits of blogs for your business

boost with blogs

Whether your website is old or new, big or small, there’s a section of it that’s sometimes neglected but that really should form a key part of your digital marketing strategy. It’s the blog.

Some call it ‘News’ instead, depending on the sort of content it’s likely to feature, but no matter what it’s called, it should be an integral part of your online presence if you’re serious about boosting your business.

Some of our clients like to look after their blogs themselves, and others prefer to have us do it for them, but either way, top reasons we recommend regularly adding new content to your blog/news include:

  • It can help increase traffic to your website
  • It can help improve your SEO
  • It can position your brand as a leader in your field
  • It can help develop better customer relationships.

Let’s look at them one by one:

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Kangen Water Finance Options

There are two options available for finance our range of Kangen Water Machines.

Option 1 is interest free finance provided by Enagic where there is a deposit paid and 10 monthly installments.

Option 2 is a bank load from AIB or Bank of Ireland. This means there is no deposit required and the installments can be smaller but spread over a longer period of time. In the examples provided below we are going to present this option over 3 years.

Enagic K8 Finance Options

k8 finance options



Enagic Finance
Straight Price               €4,374.40
Deposit                          €1,619.40
10 Monthly Payments   €288

AIB / Bank of Ireland Finance
Loan Amount               €4,400
36 Repayments of           €138.64



Enagic SD501 Platinum Finance Options

SD501 Platinum finance options



Enagic Finance
Straight Price                €3,604
Deposit                           €1,304
10 Monthly Payments    €240

AIB / Bank of Ireland Finance
Loan Amount                €3,600
36 Repayments of             €113.44



Enagic SD501 Finance Options

SD501 finance options



Enagic Finance
Straight Price               €3,342.20
Deposit                          €1,042.20
10 Monthly Payments    €240

AIB / Bank of Ireland Finance
Loan Amount              €3,350
36 Repayments of           €105.56



Enagic JRII Finance Options

JRII finance options



Enagic Finance
Straight Price               €2,033.20
Deposit                              €633.20
10 Monthly Payments     €150

AIB / Bank of Ireland Finance
Loan Amount               €2,000
36 Repayments of               €63.02