Building a Website is Easy !?

building a websiteA couple of months ago the SEO team in our company (see SEO Company Ireland) wrote a post on how out of all the companies listed on Google for website design Carlow ours was the only responsive one. They stated that they are still building the same type of websites they had always built and needed to play catch up. Curious I looked at the same sites and I wasn’t impressed!

Where are you going with this I hear you ask? Last week I was sitting at home and I decided, just for laughs, I would spend a couple of hours and put together a straight website design company site ( We’re Digital Marketing – see Digital Marketing Agency). This website design would blow the competition out of the water, I thought!

A big laugh I’m sure you would agree. 2 Hours later I was still trying to come up with a logo. I design logos all the time for other companies and yet struggled to design one for myself. I couldn’t even decide on a name which was a stumbling block to designing a logo. I decided to write some content and come back to the name and the logo later. I deal with website design every day. It should be no problem writing some good interesting content. Complete mental block!

Well the next day I was telling the guys at work what I had tried to do and how hard it was to even to come up with a logo! The SEO team said ‘hang on’ and 3 minutes later handed me a name for my fictitious website design company which would fly up the rankings as it was a very favourable name Building a website together(not telling you so don’t ask. I might want it later on myself). Then some of the others made suggestions and I suddenly realised what makes us into a great website design and Digital Marketing Agency. While we are all very good at our jobs, as a team our skills complement each other, we learn from each other and we work hard as a team to deliver results for our clients. Oh and another thing – It’s really hard to build a great website by yourself!

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