Why New World Digital is the Best SEO Company in Dublin

best seo company in dublin

So, you’re looking for the best SEO company in Dublin. We say that’s us. We know that many others claim to be the best too, but how many of them can also show results like this –


That’s exactly what we’ve achieved so far, and we’re adding to that tally all the time.

These success stories come from a huge range of business sectors, including:

All these companies are now reaping the rewards of being at the top of Google’s organic rankings. If you want your website up there too, get in touch with us for more details on our results so far, and on what we can do for you.

How we became the best SEO company in Dublin

Hard work and dedication! At the beginning, and on an ongoing basis too. That’s because SEO is not a static function. It’s constantly evolving, and needs constant work.

Like all companies, we started off with no clients, and no results to show. We still remember the joy of our first page 1 ranking. Even better was the first time we hit the actual number 1 spot for a client.

We get those results regularly today – and we still get a thrill each time we see them happen. If you’d like to see those results too, just get in touch!

How we stay the best SEO company in Dublin

Firstly, we stay up to date with all Google’s changes, and we work on client websites accordingly. Having a site rank well today is no guarantee it will still rank well tomorrow, if your SEO company isn’t working properly for you.

We also know that it takes time to get SEO results. Beware of any SEO company that offers you a quick-fix solution. There are still ‘black hat’ operators out there who will get you results in the short term, but that will have your site penalised in the long term.

And Google is not very forgiving, so it can take a long time to bounce back from a penalty!

Some other reasons to consider us the best SEO company in Dublin:


In-depth Industry Experience: As in any industry, the more experience with SEO, the better. We are one of the most experienced SEO companies serving Dublin, with the reputation of delivering excellent SEO services to clients from SMEs to large corporations. Our years in business translate into experience and supreme quality of service for our clients.


Amazing Analytic Skills: Things have to be planned correctly, or else they just won’t work. Before initiating any SEO strategy for our clients, we study the nature of their business, the problem areas, their competitors, and more. We then define an effective strategy to deliver optimum results.


Bespoke Solutions: We create bespoke SEO strategies for each client, based on their industry, customer base, and existing rankings. Our market research allows us to identify the main keywords to target. This includes long-tail keywords, which may bring less traffic…but the traffic they do bring will be more targeted and more likely to convert.


Regular Reporting: We continually look at and report on the rankings and traffic for everything we do. You’re always in the loop as we drive more targeted traffic to your products or services online. The results are more leads and more sales for you!

Get in touch

Contact us for an in-depth and no-obligation consultation on what exactly we can do for your rankings with our SEO Services. Talk to us too about any other Website Design or Digital Marketing needs that you have. We’d love to work with you!