Being more social will bring you more business

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These talk to each other more than you might realise – are you making the most of that?

One of the  New World Digital team recently managed to finally convince his wife it was time to buy a new TV. Out would go the 32” model he bought while still a single man some ten years ago, and in would come a 40” or more Smart TV. He was happy as a child at Christmas when he got the go-ahead to look around and make a purchase.

He browsed the websites of several local outlets, and narrowed it down to a choice of two. Then off he went, to visit both shops and look at both models.

He had a preference for one of them – but ended up buying the other. All because of the level of service he received. And there’s a lesson in there that we can apply to SEO and social media use too.

How service influences buyer behaviour

In the first shop, with the preferred model, there were two staff members present. One was at the counter, and the other was doing some sort of stock-taking duties. As our man looked at the TV he was interested in, stock-taker walked past. ‘Excuse me….,’ ventured our man. ‘I’ll be with you in a minute,’ came the reply, as stock-taker continued to walk away.

Our man headed for the counter. As he got there, the phone rang, and staff member number 2 answered it. Our man waited for the call to finish, then get got as far as ‘hi, I’m interested in…’ before the phone rang again. Staff member picked up the phone, held up a finger, and expected our man to wait again. He didn’t wait. Instead, he journeyed on to the next shop.

There, a staff member came to him within a minute, told our man all about the TV he was looking at and its benefits, and ended up selling it to him. So, as has always been the case in the retail space, the purchase decision was greatly influenced by the level of personal service received.

How that applies online

In the online space, the equivalent is effective use of social media.

It not only allows you to build your brand – it also allows you to build a community, where you can learn more about your potential customers, and they can learn more about you.

Analytics will break down your audience by age, gender, likes, and much more – and then advertising can be targeted specifically at those demographics. Just a small bit of research can bring a massive increase in your return on investment.

But that’s not all – because now more than ever, effective use of social media can improve how your website performs.

Social media for SEO

SEO is still what it’s all about when you’re operating online, and that will never change. But what is changing is that SEO no longer stands for just Search Engine Optimisation. It’s now about Social Engagement Optimisation too.

Social media can help greatly there. With captivating and relevant posts and tweets, you can engage your audience and attract them to your site by sharing content and blog posts via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and the rest.

As those users like and share your content, their own friends and followers will be attracted to your site too. All that extra traffic can boost your SEO rankings. Google and the other search engines will see interest and activity around your site, and decide it’s an important one in whatever sphere you’re operating in.

And while you’ve probably been warned off building back-links as a means of trying to improve your SEO, it’s still the case that there are good back-links too. The back-links from the main social media channels fall into this category – so you’re getting a double boost with every post or tweet that gets like or shared.

Our SEO services include social media content

All our SEO services make use of these advantages by including a strategic social media element.

We will write blog posts for you and share them through your preferred social media channels. We’ll also put out regular Facebook posts and tweets, with an emphasis on Twitter because of how Google indexes tweets to help it decide on rankings.

This will complement your own social media activity, where you interact directly with your followers.

By working together on your social media content, we’ll get your website to perform better, and bring you more business.

The results to remember

So remember:

  • More social media content brings more traffic to your website
  • More traffic to your website brings better rankings
  • Better rankings bring even more traffic
  • And more traffic brings more business.

In short: Being more social will bring you more business.

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