Avoid those nasty hidden costs with your website design

Hidden Costs ShockWhen you need to book a flight, you expect a big difference between business class and budget options – with all those nasty hidden costs – and the same can apply when it comes to developing your business online.

For example, one of our team members at New World Digital has a wife who’s due to travel with a colleague to the UK on a business trip next month. This week they arranged their transport, and used a budget airline. As we’ve come to expect with such carriers, the price they were first given was far removed from what they eventually ended up paying.

The flights themselves came in at just over €100 – an apparent bargain for two adults return. But just reserving seats so they could sit together to discuss the meetings on the trip then cost an extra €10.99 each, each way. And forgive me if this seems sexist, but the fact that it’s a three-day trip and they’re both women meant they both wanted to bring another bag in addition to their hand luggage. That was another add-on.

In the end, they forked out a total that was just shy of €250 – or almost two and a half times the first price they were given.

Hearing about them reminded me of a conversation I had recently with another woman, who had a similar experience when she wanted a new website design for her business – except it ended up being far more costly for her.

She told me how she’d been quoted €2,000 by another company for the website design and build of what would be quite a complex e-commerce site, with hundreds of products listed for sale. I had to tell her that we honestly couldn’t build that sort of site for that sort of price. To be frank, I wondered how anybody could.

It turns out that they couldn’t. And wouldn’t.

It was only after she signed a contract with them and they started getting down to the nitty-gritty that she discovered all their hidden charges.

Broken Website DesignIt turns out that the €2,000 quoted covered just the initial design and build only. It would basically give her an e-commerce website with no products actually listed for sale – which is not really an e-commerce website at all.

Adding every product was going to cost her an extra €50 each. Each meta description would also be €50, and a meta title would be €45. Even setting up Google Analytics would cost a whopping €500. All in all, the total cost of the site she wanted was suddenly set to come in at around €18,000.

The price we had quoted – which seemed too dear at the start – was but a fraction of that. And she would have had everything done for that straight-up price.

That woman ended up admitting she wished she’d gone with New World Digital in the first place. And she’s not unique in that. Some of our most successful clients have also come to us as a second or even third attempt at building a digital marketing strategy, after they too were first caught out by others who made extravagant promises about website design and SEO at prices that turned out to be too good to be true.

With New World Digital, there are no hidden costs or other nasty surprises

We do all that the others do and more besides, such as designing your site, creating your content, and defining your marketing message. We look at the whole user experience and generate complete sites that are guaranteed to bring sales and leads, instead of knocking out something and then starting to charge you extra for everything that should be included anyway. And we do it all at the price we tell you we’ll do it for.

We’re business class, not a budget option, with no hidden costs – but we’re business class at a price that can turn out to be lower than the so-called ‘budget’ choice. Guaranteed results at a guaranteed price – that’s what we’re about. Let us prove it to you!

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